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George Greene

Chair, Stratos Inc., Canada

George Greene is Chair, Stratos Inc. He provides strategic advice to senior executives in industry, government and not-for-profit organizations on the management of sustainability issues. His work includes corporate strategy and management review for government agencies and corporate clients, non-governmental and international organizations. George is strategic adviser to a Canadian and international industry associations on the design and implementation of sustainability performance management programs. He works with the mining, oil + gas, utilities, forest products, chemicals and other sectors.  He advise Canadian oil industry leadership groups on innovation and performance improvement collaborative efforts.  He is is an experienced moderator, mediator and negotiator of policy and program processes involving multiple and often competing interests, helping them find common objectives and reach collaborative solutions. He works with senior levels of government on regulatory reform to foster sustainable development outcomes and efficient processes. He has worked on institutional building in international development and international environmental negotiations.  He has a long record of volunteer work with not-for profit organizations and is currently Chair of the Council Governance Committee of IUCN - the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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