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Water: The Supply & Demand Nexus

It is indispensible to life, and because of growing demand for our finite supplies of freshwater, it is becoming one of the most important resource issues of the 21st Century. Agriculture and industry are the two primary users of freshwater, together representing more than 75% of the freshwater withdrawn worldwide. This theme explores some of the challenges and opportunities that water presents to the global corporate community, both today and over the next few decades.


Access to Water: Improving the Supply of a Critical Resource

Time: Thursday, March 15 08:30 - 10:00

Around the world, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and other industries are in direct competition with urban populations for access to water. How can better management and stronger governance lead to improved access for all users? How are improved technologies, infrastructure investments, and information-based solutions helping to improve the supply of this critical resource?

Nicholas Parker, Chairman, Cleantech Group & Chairman, Corporate Knights, Canada (Moderator)
Laurent Auguste, President & CEO, Veolia Water Americas, USA
Samir Brikho, Chief Executive, AMEC, UK
Jane Pagel, President & CEO, Ontario Clean Water Agency, Canada
Chris Sacksteder, Global Strategic Marketing Manager, Dow Water & Process Solutions, USA
Peter Williams, Distinguished Engineer & Chief Technology Officer - Big Green Innovations, IBM Corporation, USA

Efficient Water Use by Corporations

Time: Wednesday, March 14 13:30 - 15:00

The efficient use of water is of central importance to long-term corporate success and sustainability. Hear from corporate leaders and industry experts on how they are successfully managing their operations for increased efficiency and the sustainable use and reuse of water.

Andrea Moffat, Vice President of Corporate Programs, Ceres, USA (Moderator)
Suzanne Blanchet, President & CEO, Cascades Tissue Group, Canada
Robert ter Kuile, Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability - Global Public Policy Group, PepsiCo Inc., USA
Drew Zieglgansberger, Senior Vice President, Cenovus Energy Inc., Canada

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