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Opening Plenary: Building a Greener Economy through Innovation

Time: Wednesday, March 14 08:30 - 10:00

It has been said that innovation will be one of the most important drivers of a greener economy. Innovation in the 21st century requires a new blueprint - one that topples the top-down approach and engenders collaboration among companies, governments, and communities. The GLOBE 2012 Opening Plenary will focus on innovation and its role in driving sustainability. Join an elite roster of business and government leaders at the Opening Plenary which will set the stage for GLOBE 2012.

John Wiebe, President & CEO, GLOBE Group, Canada (Moderator)
Christy Clark, Premier, Province of British Columbia, Canada (Welcoming Remarks)
Christine Gregoire, Governor, State of Washington, USA (Welcoming Remarks)
Jim Weigand, President, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, USA
Steve Williams, President & Chief Operating Officer, Suncor Energy Inc., Canada
John Kitzhaber, Governor, State of Oregon, USA

Natural Gas: Fueling the Future

Time: Thursday, March 15 15:30 - 17:00
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Is natural gas the bridge to a carbon-free energy future? Natural gas is affordable, abundant, accessible, and can reduce emissions from the built environment and the power generation and transportation sectors. Hear how natural gas solutions are being deployed for economies that need greater energy security, affordable pricing, and better air quality. Panelists will discuss the opportunities and challenges for natural gas as a fuel source for powering a cleaner energy future.

Sam Shaw, Vice President of Natural Gas Policy Development, Encana Corporation, Canada (Moderator)
Dick Brown, Founder and President, Ferus Inc., Canada
David Demers, CEO, Westport Innovations Inc., Canada
Terry Lake, Minister of Environment, Government of British Columbia, Canada
Diana McQueen, Minister of Environment and Water, Government of Alberta, Canada

Building Blocks for a Sustainable Economy Dialogue

Time: Wednesday, March 14 15:30 - 17:00

Better technology, infrastructure, and policy are all essential to building a cleaner economy, especially at the municipal level. This Dialogue will explore how the private and public sectors see these elements working together as the building blocks of a sustainable economy, and how smart business strategies and government policies can accelerate the process.

Chris Henderson, President, Lumos Energy & Co-Founder, The Delphi Group, Canada (Moderator)
David Kepler, Executive Vice President of Business Services, Chief Sustainability Officer & Chief Information Officer, The Dow Chemical Company, USA
Charles Rate, Executive Vice President, SNC-Lavalin & President, SNC-Lavalin Operations & Maintenance, Canada
Don Roberts, Vice Chairman, Wholesale Banking & Managing Director, Investment Banking, CIBC World Markets Inc., Canada

Energy Dialogue: Collaboration & Innovation for the 21st Century

Time: Thursday, March 15 10:30 - 12:00

The global energy sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation due to technological innovation, supply fluctuations, and changing economic, regulatory, social, and political landscapes. Collaboration and innovation will play critical roles in this transformation that will result in energy companies of the 21st Century working together to achieve a cleaner energy future. Find out how in this special Energy Dialogue.


Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment, Government of Canada (Keynote)
Velma McColl, Principal, Earnscliffe Strategy Group, Canada (Moderator)
Lars Christian Bacher, President and CEO, Statoil Canada Ltd., Canada
Eric Marsh, President, Encana Natural Gas Inc. & Executive Vice President, Encana Corp., USA
Dan Wicklum, Chief Executive, Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), Canada
James Rogers, Chairman, President & CEO, Duke Energy, USA

Retail Roundtable: Emerging Best Practices in Sustainable Retail

Time: Thursday, March 15 13:30 - 15:00
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The sector-wide shift from viewing sustainability as a cost centre to recognizing it as an opportunity to reduce risk, improve relationships with customers and employees, and spur business growth and innovation is gaining momentum.  Potentially a key way to differentiate in a competitive market and build brand value, are retailers finally recognizing the merits of a sound sustainability plan in ensuring long-term business success? Or is the overarching need to reduce consumption simply at odds with the very foundation of retailing?  Find out as leading retailers discuss how and why sustainability is being incorporated into their companies on their paths to a better business model.

Andrea Bolger, Head of Business Financial Services, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canada (Moderator)
Diane Brisebois, President & CEO, Retail Council of Canada, Canada
Tyler Elm, Vice President of Business Sustainability, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Canadian Tire Corp., Canada
Clint Mahlman, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, London Drugs Ltd., Canada
Esther Speck, Vice President of Business Sustainability & Community, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Canada

Town Hall: Energy Infrastructure - The Environment & Economy Debate

Time: Friday, March 16 10:30 - 12:00

Energy resources are a huge Canadian competitive advantage and a major economic driver. Getting these energy resources to markets requires pipelines and electricity infrastructure with potentially dramatic environmental and social impacts, such as on Aboriginal communities.  Whether it's Keystone XL, Northern Gateway, or new large-scale electricity generation and transmission, grappling with the sustainable development of energy infrastructure is a critical business and environment issue. This special session will provide an opportunity to hear from key players engaged in the discussion on the development of energy infrastructure in North America.

Chris Henderson, President, Lumos Energy & Co-Founder, The Delphi Group, Canada (Moderator)
Dave Collyer, President, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Canada
Larry Innes, Aboriginal Leadership Initiative, International Boreal Conservation Campaign, Canada
Phil Fontaine, President, Ishkonigan Inc. & Former National Chief, Assembly of First Nations, Canada
Gord Lambert, Vice President of Sustainable Development, Suncor Energy, Canada
Gord Ritchie, Vice Chairman, RBC Capital Markets, Canada

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