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What GLOBE Attendees Say

See what some of our previous attendees had to say about their experience at GLOBE.

Testimonials from GLOBE 2010:
"I have been very impressed…there are people here from all over the world. I also like the focus on business and the environment - a very positive message that business is part of the solution, not just the problem…I think we are entering a tipping point where people are not arguing about the 'business case' for sustainability, the business case has been proven! It's good for the bottom line, for the top line, for corporate reputation, for employee engagement, and for getting talent into your company."
- Dr. Peter White, Director, Global Sustainability, Proctor & Gamble Ltd., UK

"People are in good spirits here; these are the experts and the people with knowledge and power to change things. I only wish it was every year."
- Shari Austin, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canada

"I've always admired GLOBE…it is very important to share information and to push the envelope as far as discussing sustainable business practices. Discussion today leads to the real implementation of solutions tomorrow. GLOBE has been a leader in that regard."
- Trevor Hill, President & CEO, Global Water, USA

"GLOBE has been very worthwhile. It's afforded me some opportunities I clearly otherwise wouldn't have had."
- Dr. Graeme Sweeney, Executive Vice President, CO2, Shell International Petroleum Ltd., UK

"You get 'infected' with people who are really energized around sustainability and around a low carbon economy…it's all about sharing and energizing and taking ideas back to your company."
- Daniel Hendrix, President and CEO, Interface Inc., USA

"GLOBE is excellent; very thoughtful in the way the panels were picked, and there was a degree of honesty and openness in the debate that is quite unusual…not many platitudes, and a lot of practical advice. I saw a very engaged audience."
- David Cheesewright, President and CEO, Walmart Canada

"GLOBE is an excellent platform, there is a very high quality of people to meet, and it is a very exciting place to be."
- Frank Wouters, CEO, Masdar Power, UAE

"GLOBE does a phenomenal job of taking the debate from 'should we?' to 'getting on with it'…The session I attended at GLOBE was full; people were standing in the back, and people stayed until 45 minutes after because we had a really good discussion going."
- Johan van't Hoff, CEO, Tonbridge Corporation, Canada

"GLOBE is a great opportunity to bring a lot of people from diverse areas and beliefs, and share, challenge and learn from each other…How we move together and how we overcome all the obstacles needs someone like GLOBE to bring thinkers together and governments together to talk about how to move that business forward."
- Larry Hutchinson, Director of Lexus and Scion Brands, Toyota Canada Inc., Canada

"It's a hugely successful conference. The seminars taking place at GLOBE are extremely interesting. You've got a lot of the top people engaged in the issues, discussing them; but you also have an interesting trade show of the latest energy and environmental technology...The issues GLOBE is engaged in have become more and more important to the world, so what GLOBE is doing is extremely important."
- Anthony Cary, British High Commissioner, British High Commission, Canada

"DOW has stepped up our sponsorship in 2010 and it's just been an enormous opportunity for us to network at a higher level - that has been very rewarding…just a tremendous opportunity"
- Joe Deustcher, Vice President, Dow Chemical, Canada

"I'm not quite sure why I haven't been to GLOBE before…it's quite impressive, the number of people here."
- Nick Otter, CEO, Global CCS Institute, Australia

"I've certainly seen a shift from the early days of GLOBE. Now you see the trade show being characterized by entrepreneurs, new business opportunities, a whole different cast of characters…I think this path is about setting up commercial enterprises that are going to create the changes that society needs, and new business models are going to be created from that."
- Gord Lambert, Vice President, Sustainable Development, Suncor Energy Inc., Canada

"The world needs events like GLOBE; bringing together the public and private sectors and covering the whole sustainability agenda at the same time is good. GLOBE has a very good foothold on the global event market…"
- Henry Derwent, President & CEO, International Emissions Trading Association, Switzerland

"I've been to GLOBE several times, and one of the things I love is the trade show; seeing all the innovative companies and the different things they're trying to do to make a difference. Making the environment part of the bottom line is the right way to do business."
- Dr. Janet Peace, Vice President, Markets and Business Strategy, Pew Center on Global Climate Change, USA

"I've been impressed with how thoughtful GLOBE is…an optimal mix of precision and detail, alongside a much broader perspective; the combination of which is really quite rich."
- Bruce Schlein, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Citigroup, USA

"The GLOBE team is first-class."
- Peter Beattie, Commissioner, Queensland Government Trade and Investment Office, USA

"The opportunity to meet with colleagues from around the world really energizes me - to be able to share ideas, share my stories with them, and share their best practices with colleagues around the world. I'm really excited to take that energy back to my own business."
- Sharon Walck, Senior Vice President, HSBC, USA

"GLOBE provides a forum to get public policy debated and discussed, provides a forum to get this information out. The more forums we have like GLOBE, the better off we'll be at the end."
- Steve Snyder, President and CEO, TransAlta, Canada

"It's a great, great event, I really mean that. It's an event that brings together at-scale, and with seriousness, businesses talking about sustainability; but rooted in an imperative to succeed at business. It's not like business is being lobbied; it's more like business is talking about business, and how business is going to change in the future."
- Tony Manwaring, CEO, Tomorrow's Company, UK

"This is an outstanding event and very well put together…It gives me tonnes of energy to see countries, companies, and foundations all showing how they're participating in developing new (environmental) solutions."
- Helmi Ansari, Sustainability Director, Frito Lay Canada

"GLOBE is a very impressive conference. It pulls together so many great, important, current themes."
- Brad Berman, Editor hybridcars.com; Founder, BermanWorks, USA

"This is the second GLOBE I've been to, and I'm always struck by the eclectic mix that attends the conference. Clearly it's becoming more international…and it's a mix of people who are working specifically on environmental issues, as well as people from companies that are producing some of those environmental impacts. Bringing these people together is important."
- Bill Smith, Senior Vice President, Energy Sector, Siemens Canada

"These kinds of conferences are extremely positive because the clean tech business and innovations related to sustainability can only run through interaction with very different people. If you want to find new solutions for the future… you really need to integrate solutions from different places, different businesses. Having a place like GLOBE where these people can get together and share their ideas is something that's extremely important."
- Dr. Michel Morvan, Vice President, Research and Innovation, Veolia Environment, France

"The 'convening' power that GLOBE has always provides tremendous value. We find it very effective to come here and meet people from so many different countries."
- Dr. Vicky Sharpe, President & CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)

"There are lots of ideas coming out of GLOBE. When you gather the brains of the world together to discuss how to calibrate better across industries and deal with the challenging issues…we have better than what we have done in the past."
- Samir Brikho, Chief Executive, AMEC, UK

"I love the GLOBE conferences because it's the way to connect with people from all around the world, some of whom you haven't seen since the last GLOBE."
- David Helliwell, Co-Founder & CEO, Pulse Energy, Canada

"GLOBE is an excellent event that brings leaders from a wide region…It was a pleasure to be inspired by all the great things that are going on."
- Susanne Stormer, Vice President, NovoNordisk A/S, Denmark

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