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GLOBE 2012 Masthead

Every two years, the world gathers in Vancouver for three days of thought leadership presented by world-renowned sustainability experts. For the opportunity to see leading-edge environmental innovations. To participate in unparalleled global networking.  It's been called the highlight of the environmental business community calendar and a 'don't miss' event.

The GLOBE™ Series of Conferences and Trade Fairs is North America's largest and longest-running international gathering of senior representatives from the public, private and NGO sectors involved in the business of sustainability, energy and the environment.

Recognized as the world's most influential and prestigious international environment industry event, GLOBE brings together leaders of business and government to discuss current trends and to showcase innovative technology solutions for the world's environmental problems.

Government decisions makers, corporate executives, and environmental technology innovators engage in high-level dialogues about pressing environmental issues such as corporate sustainability, energy and climate change, finance, and building better cities. We have brought in a host of well-respected individuals to help make the business case for eco-efficiency, including HRH Prince Philippe of Belgium, former Prime Minister Paul Martin, Maurice Strong, Klaus Töepfer, John Prescott, Mark Moody-Stuart, Amory Lovins and Ray Anderson.

GLOBE Series events have been used to preview innovative ideas and major multilateral processes for corporate and industry leaders from around the world in advance of major international gatherings, such as the Rio and Johannesburg World Summits.



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