Presenters Include:

Trade Show Highlights

Schedule of Trade Show Presentations


12:05 pm to 1:10 pm - Sustainable Development Technology Canada "Conversations in CleanTech" series. Tech Spotlight on Oil and Gas: Integrating Innovative Technologies


12:00 pm to 1:30 pm - Sustainable Development Technology Canada "Conversations in CleanTech" series. Launch of 2010 SDTC Report 'Cleantech Growth and Go-to-Market'

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm - Masdar City Case Study: Managing the Integration of Sustainable Technologies on a City-Wide Scale. Presented by Ryan Thompkins, Business Development Associate, Masdar City (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Venture Capital Opportunities and the Masdar Clean Tech Funds. Presented by David Bonn of Masdar Venture Capital (Abu Dhabi, UAE).


12:05 pm to 1:10 pm - Sustainable Development Technology Canada "Conversations in CleanTech" series. Tech Spotlight on Biofuels: Building the Next Generation of Innovation

12:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Dragons Den Auditions. Canadian exhibitors at GLOBE will have the opportunity to audition to appear on season six of CBC's acclaimed "Dragons Den."


Trade Show Technology Highlights

This is just a partial list of the types of technology, solutions, expertise and services you'll find at the GLOBE 2010 trade Show!


  • Electrochemical Reactor Cell - batteries that store effective energy in liquid, creating an almost unlimited battery lifetime and super-stable load supply
  • 3rd Generation "Printable" solar cells
  • Propeller-type immersable water turbine for streams, rivers and tidal flows
  • Sinusoidal Voltage - energy management products that deliver the optimal voltage load for electric equipment thereby dramatically increasing efficiency
  • Magnesium, oxygen and saltwater-based fuel cell

Buildings and Construction

  • Aluminum mounting brackets and plates for non-permanent wood construction; easy de-construction and re-purposing of materials
  • Low-energy but highly effective ventilation systems for buildings and homes (known as Breathing Buildings)
  • Far Infrared Radiators: heating AND cooling using the interaction of Far Infrared rays generated from a central radiator that interact with infrared-active painted walls and ceilings. No furnaces, no ducting, no forced air.
  • Wireless pneumatic thermostats
  • Large-format Vegetation Blankets for easy installation of green roofs, terraces and embankments
  • Wireless building automation systems based on "Swarm Logic"
  • Residential-level solar hot water heaters
  • LED screw-in light bulbs, 'fluorescent type' tubes, spot lights, flood lights
  • LEED-compliant electrical conduit made from recycled material and using halogen-free flame retardant


  • Atmospheric Water Generation for countertops, residential & offices, and commercial applications
  • De-salination technology using a Thermo-Ionic process: energy derived from the evaporation of saltwater using basic solar thermal energy. Mainly suited for arid/low humidity conditions such as desertous regions.
  • Eco-Osmosis water filtration processes that saves up to 80% of total water usage
  • Radar-based fluid level monitoring devices for wells, tanks and pipelines


  • Nanotechnology cleaning systems that are VOC-free, efficient and ecological
  • Zircon and bitumen recovery from oilsand tailings
  • LED streetlamps, parking lights, commercial lighting
  • Magnetic aquarium cleaning unit that works without draining tanks
  • Artificial Ice Surfaces: ice technology used in the "Red Bull Crashed Ice" extreme sports
  • Shipping skids, crates and pallets made from 'simulated timber'; a wood-like product comprised of plant-based starches, fibres and binding agents. Eliminates wood and plastics from landfill and recycling chains.
  • Automated, wireless and immediate/real-time spill containment response technology (for wells, pipelines, underground tanks)
  • Tree root protective structural cells made of recycled materials for street/sidewalk planted trees
  • Mobile thermal desorption technology for removing hydrocarbons from soil
  • Personal-use, cell phone sized air pollution and ozone detectors


  • Private Mutual Fund Trust that exclusively invests in 'green real estate infrastructure'
  • High resolution mass Spectronomy for detection of PCBs, Dioxins and TBTs (Tributyltin - compounds used in the preservation treatment of wood)
  • Greenhouse Gas Accounting software that integrates directly with corporate ERP systems
  • "Waste - to - Use" technology: using a waste by-product from the wood pulping process to neutralize contaminated water from acidic rock drainage
  • Multi-technology 'demonstration' exhibits
  • Science Parks and Technology Centres representing multiple companies involved in technology, science and R&D

Waste Management

  • Bio-Reactor Thermal Hydrolysis: converts livestock and agricultural wastes into safe, high-quality fuels and feeds
  • Magnetic Density Separation technology for recycling, waste management and industrial applications
  • Nano-particulate bio-reactor technology for waste water treatment and recycling
  • Bio-based and biodegradable plastics for food packaging, temporary plant potting or single-use service items
  • Off-grid, self-contained sewage treatment processes that generate in drinkable-quality water
  • Ozone Sterilization technologies: converts oxygen into ozone, uses the ozone for sterilization and then reconverts the ozone back into oxygen resulting in no 'waste' emissions
  • Industrial composting technology using microorganisms and mechanical treatment to break down organic wastes into a liquid that simply goes down the drain
  • Hydroxyl Generator - eliminates huge amounts of odours, pathogens and airborne toxins
  • Electro-chemical activated brine/fresh water solutions for sanitization without any toxic chemicals
  • Watercraft designed to collect and remove liquid and solid wastes from water surfaces


  • Bio-based fuels, fuel additives, conditioners and lubricants
  • Immobilized Enzyme-based transBiodiesel
  • Oil-free Compressed Natural Gas engines for fleet or passenger vehicles
  • All electric "Cargoscooters" designed for delivery-intensive service companies (restaurants, pharmacies)
  • All-electric, road-ready passenger vehicles ('mini-car' format)
  • Next-generation plug-in hybrids