Presenters Include:


We encourage all GLOBE 2010 exhibitors to make their displays as environmentally sustainable as possible. Below are tips and ideas for reducing the environmental footprint of your exhibit.

Choosing the design for a custom-built exhibit:

  • Choose a design that you will be able to reuse (ex. aesthetically long-lasting, does not include dates or event-specific information)
  • Choose a custom-built exhibit that will be made from recycled or organic materials (ex. vegetable-based inks, recycled plastics)
  • If your exhibit will use any lighting fixtures, request that these include LED's or compact fluorescent bulbs, and that fixtures are ENERGY STAR certified
  • Ensure that any audio-visual equipment is ENERGY STAR certified and uses rechargeable batteries
  • Choose a design that does not use PVC or synthetic paints and varnishes
  • Have your exhibit made from materials that can eventually be recycled


Print Materials:

  • Favour electronic materials over printed materials. Consider having files stored on a laptop and downloadable from a USB port, or making files available on your company website
  • Print on chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Print with vegetable or soy-based ink
  • Print double-sided
  • Choose print materials that make efficient use of white space and avoid large solid areas of ink
  • Avoid the inclusion of event-specific dates and logos to ensure that print materials are reusable
  • Take advantage of lead retrieval systems to reduce paper consumption from networking activities


Other Promotional Items:

  • Choose items that are non-toxic and made from recycled materials
  • Choose items that are reusable, recyclable, or bio-degradable
  • Favour items that are minimally packaged or not packaged at all
  • Choose items that encourage sustainable behaviour (ex. reusable shopping bags, refillable pens)


Transporting your exhibit:

  • Transport only what you really need
  • Consider sourcing some materials locally rather than shipping them
  • Use recyclable materials for packing your exhibit, such as cardboard boxes and paper
  • Select the most direct route of travel
  • Ship in bulk to reduce the number of deliveries and the amount of packaging


Dismantling your exhibit:

  • Reuse as much of your exhibit as possible, and take away materials that you do not hand out
  • Donate or sell reusable materials that you no longer need
  • Recycle other leftover materials wherever possible, including packing materials, display materials, and electronic waste
  • Deposit any biodegradable waste at a compost site