Presenters Include:


Bioenergy: Fueling the Development of a Low Carbon Economy

Time: March 24, Wednesday 10:30 - 12:00

BC Bioenergy Network

Sponsored by BC Bioenergy Network

With the potential to sustainably supply up to a third of future global energy, biomass is offering an increasing range of energy options for producing heat, electricity, and fuel for transport. British Columbia is blessed with an abundant variety of bioenergy feedstock and is host to some of the world's leading technology developers. Learn how BC and its companies are capitalizing on these assets and gain insights from other jurisdictions as they strive to solve current industry challenges; with a special focus on community and municipal bioenergy.

Michael Weedon, Executive Director, BC Bioenergy Network, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Moderator)
Jonathan Rhone, President & CEO, Nexterra Systems Corp.; Chair, Cleantech CEO Alliance, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Geoffrey Battersby, Project Coordinator, Revelstoke Community Energy Project, Revelstoke, BC, Canada
Christian Rakos, CEO, proPellets,Wolfsgraben, Austria
Adam Sherman, Program Director, Biomass Energy Resource Center, Montpelier, VT, USA
Sadhu Johnston, Deputy City Manager, City of Vancouver, BC, Canada

CEO Dialogue: The Future of Energy

Time: March 24, Wednesday 13:30 - 15:00

Leadership in the energy sector is perhaps more vital than in any other industrial sector in the transformation to a lower-carbon economy. Whether it’s in the development and deployment of natural gas, alternative fuels, renewable energy solutions, or other technological innovations such as carbon capture and storage, energy corporations will be central to achieving real change. This dialogue will explore options for the future global energy mix.

Michael Phelps, Chairman, Dornoch Capital Inc. & GLOBE Foundation, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Moderator)
Steve Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Suncor Energy, Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
Clarence Cazalot Jr., President & Chief Executive Officer, Marathon Oil Corporation, Houston, TX, USA
Greg Ebel, President & CEO, Spectra Energy, Houston, TX, USA
Steve Snyder, President & CEO, TransAlta Corporation, Calgary, AB, Canada

The Next Spike: Building the Smart Grid

Time: March 24, Wednesday 15:30 - 17:00

Siemens Canada Limited

Sponsored by Siemens Canada Limited

In the realm of energy management and efficiency, the development of the smart grid is considered by some to be the area showing the most significant and immediate opportunities. With billions of dollars available in government grants and billions more invested in demonstration projects around the world, power utilities, transmission companies, and infrastructure developers are rapidly increasing the intelligence of their service offerings. Hear first hand from the innovators who are making the smart grid a reality.

Blair Feltmate, Professor, Faculty of Environment, Unversity of Waterloo, ON, Canada (Moderator)
David Pacyna, Senior Vice President & General Manager, North American Transmission and Distribution Divisions, Siemens Energy Inc., Wendell, NC, USA
Johan van't Hof, CEO, Tonbridge Corporation, Toronto, ON, Canada
Donna LeClair, Chief Technology Officer, BC Hydro, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Asia-Pacific Partnership: Promoting the Low Carbon Economy

Time: March 25, Thursday 08:30 - 10:00

Sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Partnership

The Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate consists of seven partner countries that collectively account for more than half of the world's economy, population, and energy use. The seven countries are working together to meet goals for energy security, air pollution reduction, and climate change. Find out first-hand how the partner countries plan to expand investment and trade in cleaner technologies and key environmental goods and services sectors. Learn more about how the APP is helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adopting transformational energy technologies.

Joseph Odhiambo, Senior Policy Analyst, Environment Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada (Moderator)
Barbara De Rosa-Joynt, Multilateral Initiatives Coordinator, US Department of State, Washington, DC, USA (APP Administrative Support Group Member) (Moderator)
Sue Kruse, General Manager, International, Resources Development and Taxation Branch, Australian Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, Canberra, ACT, Australia (Chair of the APP Aluminium Task Force)
Jim Hendricks, US Department of Energy / Edison Electrical Institute, Washington, DC, USA (Acting Chair of the APP Power Generation and Transmission Task Force)
Terry McIntyre, Senior Science Advisor on Biofuels and Bioenergy, Science and Technology Branch, Environment Canada, Gatineau, QC, Canada (Chair of the APP Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Task Force)

Renewable Power: Key Drivers for Profit

Time: March 25, Thursday 10:30 - 12:00

Renewable energy companies are becoming more prevalent worldwide as many countries are setting ambitious targets to increase their clean energy portfolio and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Join senior executives of clean energy and utility companies as they discuss the current state of the industry and identify opportunities and challenges to be met over the coming decade.

John S. MacDonald, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Day4 Energy Inc., Burnaby, BC, Canada (Moderator)
Fawaz Al-Alamy, Senior Advisor to HRH the President, Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Pedro Pablo Quirós, President & CEO, Grupo ICE, San José, Costa Rica
Alison Thompson, Vice President, Corporate Relations, Magma Energy Corp., Vancouver, BC, Canada
William Smith, Senior Vice President, Energy Sector, Siemens Canada, Burlington, ON, Canada
Issam Dairanieh, Director, Ventures-Americas, BP Alternative Energy, Chicago, IL, USA
Christopher Henderson, President, Lumos Energy, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Accerlerating of the International Commercialization of Ocean Energy

Time: March 26, Friday 08:30 - 10:00

The expectation of ocean energy as part of the climate action agenda has been growing in recent years. This forum will help participants understand the potential of this clean energy opportunity and its place in the clean energy, power industry, and marine sector economies. It is designed to demonstrate the contribution that ocean energy resources and technology can make to building lower carbon economies in the UK, Canada, and beyond. Coordinated by Canada’s Ocean Renewable Energy Group, Dalhousie University, and UK leaders at University of Plymouth, the forum will explore international opportunities in the development of renewable ocean energy. The roundtable discussion will engage leaders in the UK WaveHub and Nova Scotia’s Minas Passage tidal development and involve senior government players from the UK and Canada.

David Wheeler, Pro Vice-Chancellor & Dean (Designate), Plymouth Business School, University of Plymouth, UK (Moderator)
Chris Campbell, Executive Director, Ocean Renewable Energy Group, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Hon. Blair Lekstrom, Minister of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources, Government of British Columbia, Victoria, BC, Canada
Deborah Greaves, Reader, Coastal and Marine Engineering (Wave Hub), School of Marine Science and Engineering, University of Plymouth, UK