Presenters Include:


The Green Car Revolution: Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids

Time: March 25, Thursday 15:30 - 17:00

Advances in electric car drive train and battery technologies will mean little without the right market conditions, such as an informed consumer base and effective economic incentives.

In this session, market researchers will present the latest data on current public perception of electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Is limited range of about 150 kilometres a deal breaker? Are worries about battery longevity too deep to overcome? How much money are mainstream buyers willing to spend on a plug-in car? What percentage of cars on the road might be plug-ins by 2020?

Bradley Berman, Founder, BermanWorks, Berkeley, CA, USA (Moderator)
John Gartner, Senior Anaylst, Pike Research, Boulder, CO, USA
John O'Dell, Senior Editor,, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Larry Hutchinson, Director, Toyota Canada Inc., Scarborough, ON, Canada

Plug-in Car Recharging Infrastructure: Case Studies for Municipalities

Time: March 26, Friday 08:30 - 10:00

One of the key impediments to mass adoption of electric cars is the current lack of recharging infrastructure. Another factor is the higher cost of electric and plug-in hybrid cars compared to internal combustion vehicles. Government entities in Canada are using both carrots and sticks to address these concerns. For example, the province of Ontario will provide subsidies of up to $10,000 toward the purchase of electric cars, while Vancouver passed an ordinance mandating that 10 percent of parking spots in new condominiums be outfitted with electric vehicle charging stations. In this panel, we will define the challenges, identify the most effective strategies, examine case studies to help city and other municipal managers devise action plans for installing recharging infrastructure.

Matt Mattila, Consultant, Transportation, Rocky Mountain Institute, Boulder, CO, USA (Moderator)
Ben Marans, Manager, Grants and Special Projects, Toronto Atmospheric Fund, Toronto, ON, Canada
Mark Dubois-Phillips, Senior Manager, Technology Development, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, BC Hydro, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Al Cormier, Executive Director, Electric Mobility Canada, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Brian Beck, Project Manager, Sustainability Group, City of Vancouver, BC, Canada

How Green Are Plug-in Cars? Moving Emissions Upstream?

Time: March 26, Friday 13:30 - 15:00

Plug-in cars are lauded as a boon to the environment, but critics argue that the industry is playing a shell game—merely moving emissions from the tailpipe to the smoke stack. Evaluating the true net improvement is tricky business, requiring detailed multiple scenarios regarding the energy mix of regional utilities, various commuting and in-town driving cycles, as well as numerous economic factors. This session will discuss the latest research from universities, NGOs, and utility companies to determine if plug-in cars are only the latest passing “silver bullet” or a real long-term solution.

Bradley Berman, Founder, BermanWorks, Berkeley, CA, USA (Moderator)
Constantine Samaras, Associate Engineer, RAND Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
David Trueman, Technical Consultant, Thor Lake, Avalon Rare Metals, Richmond, BC, Canada
Luke Tonachel, Vehicles Analyst, Natural Resources Defense Council, San Francisco, CA, USA
Sevag Pogharian, Architect, Sevag Pogharian Designs, Montréal, QC, Canada

Converting Gas Guzzlers to Fuel Sippers: Plug-in Aftermarket Conversions

Time: March 26, Friday 15:30 - 17:00

Even the rosiest forecasts have plug-in hybrids and electric cars entering the market very slowly. By 2020, plug-in cars are predicted to only make up five to ten percent of the new car market and only one percent of the global car park – which is not fast enough to meet the current global carbon reduction targets for the transportation sector. Some industry leaders believe the answer is converting existing vehicles to run on electricity. This session will explore the technology and market challenges of converting gas-powered cars to run on electricity.

Stuart Evans, Director, Business Development, Delta-Q Technologies Corporation, Burnaby, BC, Canada (Moderator)
Ambarish Chandra, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Christina Ianniciello, Manager, Communities and Transportation, Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources, Government of British Columbia, Victoria, BC, Canada
Jay Giraud, CEO, Rapid Electric Vehicles, Vancouver, BC, Canada