Presenters Include:

GLOBE 2010 Conference Progam


The worldwide transition to a green economy is underway, not only due to the need to manage greenhouse gas emissions, but also to maximize efficient use of key resources such as water and fossil fuels, protect against rising prices for basic commodities, and create new job opportunities as the world recovers from the worst economic downturn in decades.

The Opening Plenary kicks off GLOBE 2010 with a powerful session addressing the future of sustainability and the transition towards a global low carbon economy. Join an elite roster of business and government leaders at the Opening Plenary which will set the stage for GLOBE 2010.

The Closing Town Hall will explore the biggest opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and the implementation of the necessary changes to achieve success.

Corporate Sustainability Toolkit

Corporations face an increasingly volatile economy and more and more businesses are making sustainability central to their operations to better position themselves for improved efficiency, profitability, and long-term growth. Hear from corporate leaders as they address the challenges of maintaining profitable business operations in markets that face new social, shareholder, consumer, and government demands for sustainability and corporate accountability.

Climate Change + Carbon Management

Enormous business opportunities continue to present themselves in the face of climate change risks. Companies that actively seek these opportunities through effective adaptation, mitigation, and carbon management strategies will be best positioned moving forward. These sessions will bring together major players involved in developing practices and policies that address climate change challenges and explore how businesses are positioning themselves to operate successfully in a carbon-constrained global economy.

The Future of Energy

Despite growing concerns about global warming, the hard reality is that fossil fuels will continue to play an important role in our energy future. Investments in renewable energy are rising and new technologies are coming online daily that not only help us make better use of existing energy supplies, but also open up new opportunities for alternative or renewable energy sources. Join some of the world's leading experts on energy as they discuss the key issues and opportunities that will power our future.

Financing the Low Carbon Economy

Hundreds of billions of dollars a year are invested in green infrastructure projects and innovative clean technologies, which are improving environmental performance and creating enormous growth in low carbon economies around the world. Employment opportunities exist within the private sector, governments, and institutions for individuals with the experience and the skills required to lead the transformation to a more sustainable future. GLOBE 2010 sessions will explore how financial institutions, venture capital firms, and governments are helping to drive the greening of the economy.

The Urban Infrastructure Revolution

More than half the world's population now lives in cities, resulting in major challenges to provide adequate shelter, clean water, and waste management services. Major initiatives are underway around the globe to create new 'eco-cities', or rebuild existing urban areas to become more liveable and sustainable. Join leaders of some of the world's greatest cities as they discuss their plans to make cities more economically, socially and environmentally vibrant places in which to live, work and prosper. As well, those who are designing and building today's urban centres will be on hand to demonstrate the latest in green building technologies, energy management systems, and urban mobility options.

Clean Technology at GLOBE 2010

Cleantech LogoThe Cleantech Group is leading the charge towards a worldwide low carbon economy, having fostered the growth of clean technology innovation and investment since 2002. With more than 8,000 investors, 6,000 companies, and 3,500 professional services organizations representing over $3 trillion in assets in the Cleantech Network, the Cleantech Group has accelerated the development and market adoption of clean technology by providing their clients with the tools they need to be successful. Developed in cooperation with the Cleantech Group, GLOBE 2010 will feature three sessions on this important topic in the conference programme.

Spotlight on Retail

NEW FOR GLOBE 2010: Spotlight on Retail

Retailers have a unique and pivotal role to play in a sustainable future. Collectively, this sector wields incredible influence in the global economy and the lives of individuals. It is the 'face of business' consumers see most often. Whether through its supply chain, large labour force, or massive contact with the shopping public, retailers have a powerful opportunity to drive environmental responsibility. Yet there are many challenges as well as opportunities for the sector. This Spotlight, curated by David Ian Gray of DIG360 Consulting, will show how retail proactively addressing these challenges, and will holistically connect retailers with the supply chain on common issues.

Auto FutureTech

Auto Futuretech

The 2010 Auto FutureTech conference is a "conference within a conference" taking place March 25-26 with a focus on the promise of electric cars and plug-in hybrids to provide sustainable transportation for the 21st century. Global automakers are speeding toward introduction of a wide selection of cars that use grid-supplied energy to power the wheels. Significant obstacles exist, but in recent months, a coalition of global city planners, lawmakers, businesses, and green car activists have taken steps to lead the world in electric vehicle adoption. In the course of two days, we will gain a better understanding of this major transformation in the automotive sector, and what it might mean for global reductions in carbon emissions.

Running concurrently with GLOBE 2010, Auto FutureTech 2010 is a "conference within a conference", focusing on the potential of electric cars and plug-in hybrids to provide sustainable transportation for the 21st century. Join business leaders, environmentalists, and municipal managers as they explore recent developments in electric transportation. Network with car and utility executives and gain insights that will allow you to prepare for the changes ahead.