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GLOBE logoThe GLOBE Foundation is a Vancouver-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding practical business-oriented solutions to the world's environmental problems.

Formed in 1993, we've helped companies and individuals realize the value of economically viable environmental business opportunities through our conferences and events, research and consulting, project management, communications and awards.

The Foundation holds a wealth of expertise in event management honed over the years through our creation, development and production of some of the largest conference series in the world. Beginning with our flagship event, the GLOBE™ Series of International Trade Fairs and Conferences, we now own and produce four major event series. These include:


Through our successful management of the GLOBE™ Series and others, we've earned international recognition and stature in providing a global crossroads for the business of the environment.

The GLOBE Events team has developed and staged a host of other high level environmental business conferences and events on a contract basis, including:

  • World Conference on Sport and the Environment - Every two years, the International Olympic Committee in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme hosts a World Conference on Sport and the Environment (WCSE). Under the main theme, Innovation and Inspiration - Harnessing the Power of Sport for Change, the 2009 WCSE provided a timely opportunity for the global community to come together and recognize the progress being made in staging more sustainable sporting events.
  • World Urban Forum 3 - the United Nation's premier international meeting on the state of the world's growing cities.


For information on all our past conferences and trade shows, visit our Event Archive.