Vancouver – Spectacular by Nature

Majestic mountains, sparkling ocean, rain forests and beautiful foliage throughout all four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Enjoy world class shopping, gourmet meals, outstanding live entertainment and unparalleled outdoor adventure.

With quick and easy access to Whistler, the Canadian Rockies, Victoria, Vancouver Island, and of course, endless year-round water and land sports, whether you’re looking for extreme sports or family fun, you’ll find your personal adventure here. Many GLOBE delegates bring their families with them to take advantage of all this jewel of a city has to offer.

“You’re gorgeous, baby, you’re sophisticated, you live well… Vancouver is Manhattan with mountains. It’s a liquid city, a tomorrow city, equal parts India, China, England, France and the Pacific Northwest. It’s the cool North American sibling.” – The New York Times

“Vancouver is a city unlike any other. Wherever I look, I see water or mountains — or both. And everyone looks so healthy.” – The Daily Telegraph (UK)

“Despite a rain-prone climate, it displays a perpetually sunny disposition. Consider it the supermodel of North American cities.” – USA Today

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