Paul Shorthouse

Paul Shorthouse

Senior Director, The Delphi Group

Paul is a recognized economic development expert who has been at the forefront of defining and measuring key sectors of the green economy since 2009. He leads the Delphi Group’s activities in British Columbia and its Green Economy Services nation-wide.

Over the last decade, Paul has successfully directed a range of industry development projects, research and stakeholder engagement initiatives, and workforce studies on sectors that include renewable energy, clean transportation, natural resources, circular economy / resources, and green building / construction. Outcomes have focused on building sustainable economic development strategies in order to promote energy and resource efficiency, stimulate job creation, and increase investment and trade for clean technology and environmental solutions.

Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from UVic, a Certificate in Environmental Stewardship from Camosun College, and a Diploma of Technology in Entrepreneurship from BCIT’s School of Business.

Paul currently serves as the Board Chair for the Synergy Sustainability Institute, is a founding Executive Member of the BC Home Performance Stakeholder Council, and is a member of the Program Advisory Committees for BCIT’s School of Business as well as UBC’s Masters in Energy Leadership Program.

Previously, Paul served as Managing Director of Vancouver-based GLOBE Advisors and has been on a number of advisory committees on energy and green economy subjects in Canada. In addition, from 2009-2016, Paul was the Conference Director for the GLOBE Series, the international Leadership Summit on Sustainable Business, considered one of the largest events of its type in the world that attracts nearly 10,000 participants from more than 50 countries to Vancouver.

Paul’s passion for protecting the environment comes from his connection to the oceans and nature, working in the first half of his career as an eco-tour guide, a marine and invertebrate biologist, and as a SCUBA dive instructor in Canada, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia.

Paul is a travel and outdoor enthusiast where he likes to spend time with his family and friends skiing, SCUBA diving, boating, camping, hiking, and immersed in nature. Paul is married with two young children and lives in Victoria, BC.



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