Meredith Adler Portrait

Meredith Adler

Executive Director, Student Energy

Meredith Adler is the Executive Director for Student Energy, a global charity creating the next generation of energy leaders who will accelerate our transition to a sustainable energy future.

She knows that youth innovation can deliver the sustainable solutions we need, and that they need a seat at the table wherever their future is being determined. Meredith’s work to develops young people’s capacity to be change agents while working with the energy industry, governments and organizations to create space for intergenerational collaboration. Under Meredith’s leadership Student Energy was named one of the top 50 youth solutions in the world delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals, and Meredith has received the Clean 50 emerging leader award.

She also works to bridge the divide between established leaders and young innovators serving as a Smart Prosperity Leader, and in advising governments companies and organizations that are looking to effectively integrate future generations into work on energy and climate change.

Meredith’s leadership in energy has been recognized by GLOBE Series through the Peter MacConnachie Collaboration Award, by Women In Renewable Energy as their Woman of the Year for 2018, as a Clean50 Emerging Leader, and as one of BCBusiness’s Top 30 under 30 for 2019.

Under Meredith’s leadership Student Energy has quadrupled in size and now serves over 50,000 youth in 150 countries. Meredith holds a B.A. in Geography from the University of British Columbia.