Matt Beck

Matt Beck

Director, The Delphi Group

Matt found his way into sustainability through a pair of skis. After dropping out of engineering school for a ski bum’s #vanlife before hashtags were even a thing, he became increasingly aware of how our understanding and consumption of energy and resources were defining the human relationship with the economy and environment. After moving to Canada to finish school, he has built a career integrating sustainability, design thinking and cross-sectoral innovation into business. As a director at the Delphi Group he advises many of Canada’s largest companies on sustainability and climate-related issues, with a focus on the intersection of energy, technology, land and food systems.

Matt has over 14 years in professional sustainability roles for both global 500 and SMEs in the energy, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and tourism sectors. Prior to joining Delphi, Matt was Director of Sustainability for Imaginea Energy, leading development and production of clean hydrocarbons that support a circular economy.

Matt holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Design from the University of Calgary, and a B.Sc. in Global Resource Systems from University of British Columbia. He is also an ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional and an Energy Futures Lab fellow, where he is collaborating with experts across Canada to generate breakthrough outcomes for energy transition.



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GLOBE Advance: Taking the Fossil out of Fossil Fuels: Defining Hydrocarbons’ Role for Future Fitness

  • Climate Crisis
  • Energy Transformation
At its core, the act of energy transformation is about responding to the tension between current and desired future states of our energy systems. With much of our current system reliant on hydrocarbon energy, it is prudent to explore how we can best leverage the embedded value of that infrastructure, talent and investment to accelerate and amplify other transformation activities.

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Matt Beck Director, The Delphi Group
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