Greg Cross

Greg Cross

Director of Public Works, Housing and Custodial, Seabird Island Band

Greg Cross, AScT, has been working for Seabird Island since September of 2016. His background is in construction and civil engineering, with over 30 years, experience and knowledge in Public Works operations in roads, drainage, water, sewer, fleet, sanitation and solid waste. He has extensive project management experience ranging from Construction projects of $1 million plus and multiple projects up to 30 plus in one year. Greg has worked for municipalities of various sizes and was the Director of Operations for the City of Abbotsford before joining Seabird Island.

Greg’s portfolio for Seabird Island is the Public Works and Housing Director. This also incorporates leadership for the Fire Department, project management, asset management and business development related to Seabird Island infrastructure. The infrastructure has been expanded to incorporate a business park. Greg has been involved specifically with the business development opportunities related to Clean Energy and zero waste initiatives at Seabird Island. Seabird Island is re-establishing a food waste Eco-station system for the Band. However it is designed for expansion and embarking on a regional function. In parallel with this project the Bio-gas project is also being established both locally and with a regional impact.



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