Ernesto Hartikainen

Ernesto Hartikainen

Project Director, Climate Solutions, Sitra

Ernesto is a leading expert in the Carbon-neutral Circular Economy area. Ernesto specializes in the strategic direction of this focus area, in organising co-operation between different focus areas, and in international co-operation (including as an advisor on content for the World Circular Economy Forum’s programme). Ernesto also provides direct support to the Director of the theme area.

At Sitra, Ernesto has worked in different specialized areas, including:  the global circular economy, the European Union, the bioeconomy, and strategic foresight. In his earlier career, he worked in the forest and energy industries, and as a Business Management Consultant. Ernesto holds Master’s degrees in Chemical Forest Products Technology, and in Economics, in the field of Management and International Business.



Sessions with this Speaker

The European Green Deal – A Trillion Dollar Circular Economy Opportunity

The European Commission announced its Green Deal in December 2019, to be followed by the introduction of the first "European Climate Law" by March 2020. Our ambition: to be the world's first climate neutral continent by 2050.  Key to the Green Deal will be the EU’s circular economy action plan to be announced in the spring of 2020. The circular economy plan will include a 'sustainable products' policy to support the circular design of all products.  Also key is the Green Deal Investment Plan to attract at least one trillion euros (CAD 1.46 trillion) worth of public and private investment over the next decade.

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Ernesto Hartikainen Project Director, Climate Solutions, Sitra
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GLOBE Advance: Advancing a Circular Economy in Canada: Tackling the Barriers Sector by Sector to Move the Dial

  • Circular Economy
The circular economy offers businesses the opportunity to realize a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing global and domestic market. The World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) in Toronto (September-October 2020) is an unprecedented opportunity for Canadian businesses, policy-makers, investors, and other stakeholders to engage with circular economy experts and leaders across all industries and sectors from more than 60 countries.

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Hilary Geller Assistant Deputy Minister, Environment and Climate Change, Government of Canada
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Ernesto Hartikainen Project Director, Climate Solutions, Sitra
Luis Rochartre Director, Forest Solutions Group, WBCSD

The Rise of the Ecocity: Exploring the Role of Business in Transforming Cities

  • Circular Economy
With over half the global population living in cities, how cities enable citizens to live sustainably becomes an essential consideration. Cities that are making commitments to climate action, staying within planetary boundaries and supporting just transitions recognize the pivotal role that business plays for implementation.

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Tim Coldwell President, Chandos Construction Ltd.
Ernesto Hartikainen Project Director, Climate Solutions, Sitra
Christina Olsen Manager, Ecocity Centre of Excellence, BCIT