Eri Mathy

Eri Mathy

Head of Growth and Innovation, IKEA Canada

Eri Mathy is Head of Growth and Innovation for IKEA Canada. In her senior executive role, Eri is responsible for steering the development of sustainability, expansion and transformation initiatives. A main focus for Eri is securing the brand positioning of sustainability and affordability efforts.

Eri started her IKEA journey 13 years ago in Japan and has spent time in a variety of leadership roles including Sustainability and Marketing & Sales. With her deep IKEA knowledge and a passion for finding new ways to build retail relationships, Eri has a strong track record of being closely connected to customers and their needs.



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Social Purpose from the Ground Up: How to Define and Activate Social Purpose in Business

  • Sustainability as Strategy
In September 2019, 181 members of the US Business Roundtable (BRT) signed a Statement of Purpose endorsing stakeholder-inclusive purpose for corporations, indicating a departure from the shareholder-focused mentality that has dominated the corporate sphere for decades. This dynamic session will put you at the forefront of social purpose in business. First, hear from leaders from Ikea, ALDO Group and Nature's Path who will share their pivot to purpose, along with the drivers, benefits and challenges.

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