Benjamin Sparrow

Benjamin Sparrow

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Saltworks Technologies

Benjamin Sparrow is the CEO and co-founder of Saltworks Technologies – an industrial desalination and water treatment innovator. Saltworks invents and builds machines that treat challenging waters in broad industries including mining, aerospace, oil & gas, landfills, and microelectronics. Saltworks is entering a new frontier, building lithium extraction plants and novel sensors that improve industrial efficiency. With over forty patents Ben has successfully led new water technologies from concept to full scale production and implementation, while building partnerships and securing investment from global Fortune 500 companies.

Ben is Professional Engineer with an MBA. He was honoured with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for his contribution to Canadian clean tech and identified as one of Vancouver’s Top 40 under 40. His greatest honour is the working with a world class team and customers to deliver ground-breaking solutions to big problems.



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Benjamin Sparrow Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Saltworks Technologies
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