A Whole-of-Society Approach: Driving Transformational Change for Economy and Nature

Historically, economic growth and environmental conservation have often been at odds. Now, more than ever, we need to work together to generate a transformational shift in our ways of thinking and actions to protect and manage the health of ecosystems. Join this interactive session to discuss partnership-based approaches and frameworks to create pathways that mutually benefit our ecosystems and economy for current and future generations.

Italian Cleantech Solutions: Circular Economy & Renewable Energy Opportunities in Canada

This hybrid workshop session will explore collaboration and business opportunities between Italy and Canada, stemming from a circular approach to the energy transition. Providing examples of technological solutions Italian researchers and businesses are studying and/or applying, this session will expand on various opportunities to partner with Canadian Indigenous and governmental organizations.

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Organized by ITA and Embassy of Italy in Canada.

Capital for Conservation: Innovative Finance Models for Nature and Water (Invite-only)

Join us for a workshop on sustainable finance for water and nature. We will explore cross-sector perspectives on how finance mechanisms and partnerships can enable the role of water and nature as an economic and workforce engine. The workshop will also cover the challenges and opportunities of existing and emerging funding models that can bring together public, private and philanthropic sources. We will learn from best practices and case studies from BC and across Canada. This workshop is for anyone who is interested in or working on watershed stewardship, conservation, nature strategy and sustainable finance. 

Achieving Success Through Value Chain Collaboration Models

Reducing value chain emissions poses substantial challenges and represents some of the greatest opportunity to achieve climate targets. The complexity of reducing value chain emissions requires significant collaboration and partnership, both across and within industries and sectors. Join this session to learn from real-world examples that will provide tools and inspiration to support your organization’s decarbonization journey.

AI for Sustainability: Accelerating a Regenerative Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents an opportunity to drastically accelerate change in this decade of action. This rapidly evolving technology can be used to analyze complex datasets, advance the development of sustainable solutions, empower the green workforce, and more. Join Microsoft and other industry experts to get an inside look at some of the latest ways AI is driving forward sustainability progress and learn how your organization can responsibly implement artificial intelligence to create real progress towards your ESG goals. 

Scaling Circularity: Strategies for Implementing Circular Practices in Your Organization

Scaling circularity is not only about growing new technologies or starting new businesses; it’s also about rethinking how existing business models and operations can adapt and innovate. There are opportunities to implement circular initiatives within existing businesses, but scaling them requires investment, stakeholder buy-in, and collaboration. Join us to discuss how to overcome the barriers of scaling circularity and stay ahead of the curve. 

Bridging Business and Biodiversity: An Action Plan for a More Nature-Positive Economy

Businesses have a responsibility and, increasingly, a competitive imperative, to account for how their operations and investments affect nature. But how and where to start? Join this interactive session, based on WWF-Canada and Aviva Canada’s new Business and Biodiversity Action Plan, to learn effective steps business leaders across industries and sectors can take to advance a more nature-positive economy. 

Powering Canada’s Future with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Innovation (Invite-Only)

Join industry leaders, experts, and technologists at this electrifying session to take part in key discussions that will shape the future of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) in Canada. V2G technology presents a unique opportunity for electric vehicles to become part of the solution to Canada’s rapidly growing electricity demand. With demand expected to increase 47% by 2050, progress to develop and scale bidirectional charging technology needs to happen quickly. Take part in this session and help lead the ‘charge’ in Canada’s electrification landscape. 

Equal by 30: The Road to Equal Pay, Leadership and Opportunity for Women in the Energy Sector (Invite-only)

Women currently represent only 32% of the workforce in the global energy sector. With over 200 signatories, the Equal by 30 Campaign is a global movement aimed at proactively addressing this under-representation, working to accelerate equal pay, equal leadership, and equal opportunities for women and all marginalized groups in the energy sector by 2030. In this session, join Parliamentary Secretary Julie Dabrusin and existing and prospective signatories to discuss best practices for increasing inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) in the workforce. You’ll also have the opportunity to examine your own organization’s progress towards gender equality through a hands-on application of the Equal by 30 Self-Assessment Tool. 

Partnering for Adaptation: Collaboration to Build Physical Climate Resilience

Building resilient communities requires collaborative solutions grounded in multi-stakeholder partnerships. This session will explore how the private and public sectors can accelerate action by showcasing real-life examples. Join us to learn about effectively combatting climate risks and disasters, building back stronger from flood and fire, and collaborating with diverse stakeholders to build climate resilient communities.