The CSO Roundtable: Redefining the Role of Sustainability Executives (Invite-Only)

As one of the newest additions to the boardroom, Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) are just getting settled into their seats. However, tasked with tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges in an ever-evolving ESG landscape, these executives have had to hit the ground running and “build the plane as it is flying”. At this interactive roundtable, CSOs and sustainability executives will dive into the question of how they can play a key role in maximizing positive impact across their company and the world beyond. 

Healthy Energy Homes: Going Beyond Sustainability

In this interactive discussion, amplifying Indigenous Clean Energy and the Canadian Climate Institute’s Health Energy Homes project, expert panelists will explore the connections between housing, health outcomes, clean energy, and energy efficiency. They will explore innovative solutions to address a concern Indigenous Peoples have been raising for decades—poor quality homes are causing severe health impacts in Indigenous communities across Canada. The session will delve into how energy efficiency solutions go “beyond sustainability” to not only mitigate greenhouse gas emissions but also address poor health outcomes, build climate resilience, and create economic benefits.

Charting the Course: A Flight Plan for Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Canada (Invite-only)

As the aviation sector works to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) can play an integral role. While Canada has the potential to lead in creating a sustainable aviation fuel value chain, we also face significant “turbulence” on the path to net zero. In part two of this roundtable series, leaders and decision-makers will convene at GLOBE Forum 2024 to understand the environment required to produce, deliver, and employ SAF across Canada. Our goal is to create a tangible action plan for a decarbonized Canadian aviation fuel supply chain that delivers shareholder returns and customer value. 

Business to Business: Strengthening Supply Chains for Canada’s Energy Transition (Invite-only)

Supply chains for the energy transition are under stress in Canada and around the world. We need new business models for a net-zero economy. Join large corporates, Canadian SMEs (small-medium-enterprises), business associations, and public policy experts at this interactive roundtable to identify opportunities for optimizing procurement processes and supply chain performance. Participants will bring forward ideas and innovations to match supply with demand for clean energy and electrificationan essential component to accelerating the clean economy. 

Business to Business: Strengthening Supply Chains for Low-carbon Buildings in Canada (Invite-only)

The housing supply-gap is estimated to reach 3.5 million housing units by 2030. As suppliers of building materials, project management services, and construction, SMEs are projected to play a vital role in accelerating climate-friendly construction. In order to the meet growing demand across Canada’s residential, institutional, and commercial built environments, these companies must optimize productivity and supply chain performance for both building retrofits and new construction. Join stakeholders from across the construction value chain at this roundtable to identify challenges and opportunities for equipping Canadian SMEs to take on this challenge. 

Powering Canada: Generating Change for Clean Electricity

Canada’s energy transition will require forward-thinking action that addresses scalability of both policies and technologies. Join us for this roundtable session where we’ll take a deep dive into the opportunities and challenges of advancing clean electricity technologies such as hydrogen, nuclear, wind, and solar, and their pivotal roles in achieving a netzero future.  

A Matriarchal Movement: The Vital Role of Indigenous Women in the Energy Transition

Indigenous women’s values, skills, and roles as Traditional Knowledge Keepers make them invaluable to creating a more sustainable future. However, when it comes to the energy transition, their voices are often overlooked. Join this session to learn from inspiring female and Two-spirit Indigenous leaders on how their knowledge, values, and voices can lead the way to a sustainable, prosperous, and balanced energy transition for all.

Keeping Our Heads Above Water: Navigating Water Strategies for Your Organization

Beyond industries that rely heavily on water as a resource, we are all increasingly impacted by climate-related water disasters such as floods, droughts, and storms. More frequent extreme weather brings with it additional risks to our workforces, communities, businesses, and organizations. This session will highlight strategies for water stewardship that all organizations must embrace to ensure existing and future water systems are as resilient as possible.