GLOBE Forum 2024 Closing Address from The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources (Pre-Recorded)

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, will begin the closing plenary session at GLOBE Forum 2024, in this pre-recorded address. For the first time in many years, Minister Wilkinson will not be at GLOBE Forum as he will be representing Canada at the International Energy Agency (IEA) Ministerial in Paris, a critical event that frames the global discussion around the energy transition. As the Vice Chair of the IEA this year, Minister Wilkinson will be advancing Canada’s climate priorities on the global stage.

Common Waters, Shared Visions: Indigenous Collaboration on B.C.’s Watershed Security Strategy

Long-term watershed security is critical for the future of British Columbia. First Nations and the Province have worked together to co-develop a Watershed Security Strategy. Join this session to learn about how the diversity of perspectives and approaches of First Nations and the Province came together to develop a Strategy that will realize better watershed outcomes for British Columbia.

Closing GLOBE Forum

At the GLOBE Forum 2024 Closing Plenary, we’ll look ahead to the next steps needed to create a regenerative future, from key outcomes and insights, to how we’ll show up ready for action at GLOBExCHANGE in 2025 (Feb. 11-13 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel). Join us as participants come together one last time to celebrate our community’s commitment to reaching beyond sustainability to regeneration. Delegates will also be treated to a free-style performance from Baba Brinkman, who will wrap up GLOBE Forum 2024 on a high note!

Regeneration in Action: An Armchair Dialogue with the Hon. David Eby

In BC, Canada, and around the world we need to protect and restore our planet, while enabling families and businesses to thrive in the clean economy of the future. Join this plenary armchair dialogue with the Hon. David Eby to hear how BC is taking action for a more regenerative, resilient, and net-zero economy.

Climate Proofing Canadian Homes, Infrastructure & Communities: A Dialogue with Hon. Sean Fraser

To address both the housing and climate crises, Canada has an urgent need to build new homes and community infrastructure that is affordable, efficient and sustainable, while protecting communities from the impacts a changing climate. Join us for this timely leadership dialogue on how we can climate-proof our homes, infrastructure and communities to help enable a more resilient, regenerative future.

Nature, Our Greatest Teacher to Build a Regenerative Future

Join environmentalist and drag queen, Pattie Gonia, as they share profound ways in which nature can inspire and guide us to take meaningful actions for both people and the planet. We will discover the connections between social and environmental justice and how we can harness our uniqueness and diversity to build the most regenerative future.  

The Power of Indigenous Leadership: Combating Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change

Indigenous-led conservation is the most effective and equitable way to safeguard habitat, reverse wildlife loss, and reduce climate change—all while helping to advance reconciliation. Join us for this timely conversation on how organizations of all types can support Indigenous-led conservation, and help advance a more equitable and sustainable future. 

Envision 2080: Harmonizing Generations for a Sustainable Future

Purpose-led action today must be grounded in a shared long-term vision for a clean, prosperous, and equitable tomorrow. For that vision to become reality, we must harness the combined power, skill sets, and perspectives of all generations. Join this intergenerational plenary dialogue to foster the diverse collaboration needed to reach our 2080 goals and ensure a legacy that transcends the generational divide. 

Net Zero and Nature Positive: Driving Transformational Change for a Regenerative Future

Building a net-zero economy and restoring our natural environment are intrinsically linked. Combatting climate change is not possible without reversing nature loss, and restoring nature is not possible without action on climate change. Join this session to hear from leaders who are driving transformational systems change across industries and sectors to ensure a more regenerative future. 

From Aspiration to Action: Global Perspectives on Driving Tangible Results

Around the world, businesses and governments alike are being called upon to display measurable progress towards a sustainable, net-zero future. Join us to hear global leadership perspectives on how driving action through policy, finance, and technology can result in tangible results.