Leaders and Shakers: Intergenerational Networking with CBSR and Leading Change (Invite-only)

CBSR members and Leading Change delegates will gather to foster intergenerational conversations and collaboration, bridging the gap to further advance collective climate action at this pivotal moment.

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Leading Change Forum 2024

Leading Change Forum 2024 will bring together young leaders (ages 19-35) who are ready to have tough conversations about climate and sustainability. It’ll take a diversity of perspectives to identify and implement the solutions needed to address our biggest environmental, social, and economic challenges.  Over a full day of interactive workshops, networking opportunities, and capacity building activities, Leading Change youth delegates will focus on accelerating net-positive solutions that achieve climate resiliency and restore our natural environment.  

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Thriving Together: Building Resilient & Proactive Communities

In the face of ongoing and evolving climate and social justice issues, we must explore new strategies, innovations, and community-driven initiatives that enable societies to thrive, not just survive. In this session, we will examine principles and best practices for proactive community building, as well as how communities are coping, adapting, and recovering from the impacts of climate change.

Progress Over Perfection: Navigating Sustainability Realities

Now more than ever we cannot let the fear of failure or the pursuit of perfect prevent us from taking action. It’s time we shift the narrative and embrace a collective commitment to progress over perfection. Join this session and examine the pitfalls of waiting for the ‘perfect’ sustainability plan while we explore the incremental steps needed to nurture a culture of continuous improvement.

From Conflict to Collaboration: Working Across Difference to Advance Sustainability

Sustainability often involves competing priorities and diverse perspectives. This session explores how we can be guided by nature and work across differences to create a regenerative future together. Join this armchair dialogue to learn how to navigate uncomfortable ‘‘tough conversations,” how critical diversity in thought is to advancing sustainability goals, and how we can feel empowered to champion these conversations in this space and beyond.