Future-Ready Reporting: Preparing for Effective Sustainability Disclosures

The ISSB has released its first set of international sustainability standards, radically altering the reporting landscape. At the same time, the Canadian Sustainability Standards Board (CSSB), which will support the adoption of these standards, has become fully operational. These initiatives represent significant advancements for sustainable business practicesones that will require building capacity and understanding to help businesses feel confident in their reporting. In this workshop, experts will demystify the sustainability reporting landscape and explore the array of tools and resources available to empower businesses to embark on their disclosure journeys. 

Measuring Sustainability: From Federal Strategy to Local Action

We can’t manage what we can’t measure. Challenges associated with collecting, evaluating, accessing, and sharing quality sustainability measurement across levels of government and sectors hinder our ability to meet our targets. Join this session to discuss strategies that will lead to more informed decision-making for economic, social and environmental sustainability.


Driving Change from Within: How Sustainability Executives Can Lead the Way to a Sustainable Future

Sustainability executives are key to aligning sustainability and corporate strategy in the face of shifting global financial, political and regulatory conditions. Despite their critical role, these leaders face significant challenges, from the ability to define and deliver on objectives, to managing stakeholder expectations, and overcoming role ambiguity. Join this unplugged session to hear from experienced leaders on how to foster dynamic collaboration, drive practical innovation, and deliver impact through this dynamic positive executive leadership role. 

Envision 2080: Harmonizing Generations for a Sustainable Future

Purpose-led action today must be grounded in a shared long-term vision for a clean, prosperous, and equitable tomorrow. For that vision to become reality, we must harness the combined power, skill sets, and perspectives of all generations. Join this intergenerational plenary dialogue to foster the diverse collaboration needed to reach our 2080 goals and ensure a legacy that transcends the generational divide. 

Net Zero and Nature Positive: Driving Transformational Change for a Regenerative Future

Building a net-zero economy and restoring our natural environment are intrinsically linked. Combatting climate change is not possible without reversing nature loss, and restoring nature is not possible without action on climate change. Join this session to hear from leaders who are driving transformational systems change across industries and sectors to ensure a more regenerative future. 

From Aspiration to Action: Global Perspectives on Driving Tangible Results

Around the world, businesses and governments alike are being called upon to display measurable progress towards a sustainable, net-zero future. Join us to hear global leadership perspectives on how driving action through policy, finance, and technology can result in tangible results. 

A Matriarchal Movement: The Vital Role of Indigenous Women in the Energy Transition

Indigenous women’s values, skills, and roles as Traditional Knowledge Keepers make them invaluable to creating a more sustainable future. However, when it comes to the energy transition, their voices are often overlooked. Join this session to learn from inspiring female and Two-spirit Indigenous leaders on how their knowledge, values, and voices can lead the way to a sustainable, prosperous, and balanced energy transition for all.

Leaders and Shakers: Intergenerational Networking with CBSR and Leading Change (Invite-only)

CBSR members and Leading Change delegates will gather to foster intergenerational conversations and collaboration, bridging the gap to further advance collective climate action at this pivotal moment.

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Off-site Workshops and Events Hosted by BCIT, UN Global Compact Network Canada, Ocean Wise, and Canadian Purpose Economy Project

On the first day of Forum, GLOBE partners are hosting off-site events: Pathways to Parity: Leveraging DEI as a Sustainability Solution with UNGNC; BCIT Capacity Building Workshops: Valuing Carbon, Cultivating an Action-Focused Mindset, Designing for Resilience; a Visit of the Ocean Wise Plastics Lab; and Growing the Purpose Economy with the Canadian Purpose Economy Project.

Learn more about these events and about how to participate below.

Pathways to Parity: Leveraging DEI as a Sustainability Solution

Host: UN Global Compact Network Canada

Location: LGM Financial Services Inc

Date & Time: Tuesday, Feb. 13 | 9:00 AM -12:00 PM

The UN Global Compact Network Canada, together with its Hosting Sponsor LGM Financial Services, is proud to present an exclusive, official side event of GLOBE Forum 2024 titled “Pathways to Parity: Leveraging DEI as a Sustainability Solution.” This gathering is an unparalleled opportunity for sustainability pioneers and leaders to exchange ideas, and insights, and foster impactful change. Attendees will have the opportunity to deeply engage with the vital role of DEI in shaping sustainable business practices for the future.

Click here to register.


BCIT Capacity Building Workshops: Valuing Carbon, Cultivating an Action-Focused Mindset, Designing for Resilience

Host: British Columbia Institute of Technology

Location: BCIT Downtown Campus – Tech Collider

Date & Time: Tuesday, Feb. 13 | 10:00 AM -4:30 PM

GLOBE attendees are invited to join BCIT faculty for a day of interactive capacity-building workshops. Choose to attend one or all three of BCIT’s applied-skills training sessions and get a glimpse into a selection of BCIT’s sustainability and regeneration-focused microcredentials, designed for business leaders and sustainability practitioners. Connect with fellow GLOBE attendees before the main Forum, and discuss how to get to net zero by leveraging the time value of carbon (Session #1); identify opportunities to close the sustainability intention-action gap for organizations (Session #2); and/or explore what’s needed to design and build resilient communities(Session #3).

  • 10:30-12:00pm Workshop 1: Net Zero: The Time Value of Carbon
  • 1:00-2:30pm Workshop 2: Cultivating an Action-Focused Sustainability Mindset
  • 3:00-4:30pm Workshop 3: Resilience by Design

To register for one or all three of these free sessions (with an optional lunch), click here


Visit the Ocean Wise Plastics Lab and Kelp Nursery in West Vancouver

Host: Ocean Wise

Location: Pacific Science Enterprise Centre (PSEC)

Date & Time: Tuesday, Feb. 13 | 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Join Ocean Wise for a tour of the Pacific Science Enterprise Centre, home to the Ocean Wise Plastics Lab and Kelp Nursery. The Ocean Wise Plastics Lab delivers world-class technical expertise on microplastic pollution, and the Kelp Nursery conducts essential research for advancing the scaling of seaforestation, a promising Blue Carbon Solution. Take part in this session to dive deeper into innovative solutions for plastic pollution and climate change.

The tour will depart from the Vancouver Convention Centre at 12:30 PM and return at 3:30 PM. Snacks and refreshments, as well as transportation to and from the Vancouver Convention Centre will be provided by Ocean Wise.

There is limited capacity for this session – to register, click here.


Growing the Purpose Economy

Host: Canadian Purpose Economy Project

Location: The Aviso Café, Aviso Wealth Vancouver, 1111 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

Date & Time: Tuesday, Feb. 13 | 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

During GLOBE Forum 2020, an Advance session on social purpose business catalyzed a series of conversations that have evolved to become the Canadian Purpose Economy Project. Join us for an insightful introduction and update on the Project’s work and impact—and to learn how you can help grow the purpose economy in 2024 and beyond.

Join us to hear about…

  • The Canadian Purpose Economy Project’s achievements, strategy, and goals towards a vision where social purpose business becomes the norm
  • A Call to Purpose, our national campaign to engage CEOs in the shift toward an economy of social purpose businesses that support human and planetary wellbeing
  • Key actions you can take to help move the ten levers of change to propel the Purpose Economy

This informal 90-minute session will include plenty of time for networking with fellow GLOBE delegates and other leaders of social purpose businesses and the social purpose community.

Snacks and refreshments will be served.

There is limited capacity for this session – to register, click here.

IETA Carbon Dialogue & Member Meeting (Invite-only)

Bringing together IETA Members and guests from governments and NGOs, this timely dialogue will share analyses and discuss: market-related highlights from post-COP28; Canada’s shifting carbon market landscape; the turbo growth of compliance carbon markets and infrastructure globally; and, outlooks for the voluntary carbon market, focusing on implications of newly-issued guidance/disclosure requirements.