Bridging the Climate Divide: Idealism, Pragmatism and Realism on the Road to Net Zero

While the urgency for climate action has never been greater, the topic often triggers debate and division. Advancing climate solutions must acknowledge that understanding the need to act is the easy part; the “how” is much harder. We need to consider all perspectives – from realistic to idealistic, from pragmatic to visionary. In this debate, we will explore why building a durable political and economic coalition for action is difficult. Join this dynamic debate to understand how leaders think about climate and learn how to connect skeptical or disinterested parties to drive transformative action. 

Canadian Cleantech Leadership Panel

Hear from leading Canadian cleantech companies as they share their approaches to advancing innovative solutions to achieving net zero and speak to the successes and the barriers to overcome. Their stories highlight how we can work together to mobilize the development, deployment and adoption of cleantech and build a more inclusive and just transition to our net-zero future. 

Future-Ready Reporting: Preparing for Effective Sustainability Disclosures

The ISSB has released its first set of international sustainability standards, radically altering the reporting landscape. At the same time, the Canadian Sustainability Standards Board (CSSB), which will support the adoption of these standards, has become fully operational. These initiatives represent significant advancements for sustainable business practicesones that will require building capacity and understanding to help businesses feel confident in their reporting. In this workshop, experts will demystify the sustainability reporting landscape and explore the array of tools and resources available to empower businesses to embark on their disclosure journeys. 

Northern Food Innovation Challenge: Supporting Food Resilient Communities in the Territories

Food is foundational to ensuring resilient and sustainable communities. Northerners are intensely aware of this and are deploying innovative techniques and local knowledge to diversify the sector and support food security and food sovereignty within their regions. As the federal body focused on economic development in the territories, the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency is funding community-led northern and Indigenous food projects through its Northern Food Innovation Challenge.

Join us to explore the impact of these strategic investments on local food systems, discover the role of innovative food initiatives in creating resilient communities, and gain understanding of how the complexities and opportunities of northern solutions may have potential for global impact.

Measuring Sustainability: From Federal Strategy to Local Action

We can’t manage what we can’t measure. Challenges associated with collecting, evaluating, accessing, and sharing quality sustainability measurement across levels of government and sectors hinder our ability to meet our targets. Join this session to discuss strategies that will lead to more informed decision-making for economic, social and environmental sustainability.


Driving Change from Within: How Sustainability Executives Can Lead the Way to a Sustainable Future

Sustainability executives are key to aligning sustainability and corporate strategy in the face of shifting global financial, political and regulatory conditions. Despite their critical role, these leaders face significant challenges, from the ability to define and deliver on objectives, to managing stakeholder expectations, and overcoming role ambiguity. Join this unplugged session to hear from experienced leaders on how to foster dynamic collaboration, drive practical innovation, and deliver impact through this dynamic positive executive leadership role. 

Partnering for Adaptation: Collaboration to Build Physical Climate Resilience

Building resilient communities requires collaborative solutions grounded in multi-stakeholder partnerships. This session will explore how the private and public sectors can accelerate action by showcasing real-life examples. Join us to learn about effectively combatting climate risks and disasters, building back stronger from flood and fire, and collaborating with diverse stakeholders to build climate resilient communities. 

Envision 2080: Harmonizing Generations for a Sustainable Future

Purpose-led action today must be grounded in a shared long-term vision for a clean, prosperous, and equitable tomorrow. For that vision to become reality, we must harness the combined power, skill sets, and perspectives of all generations. Join this intergenerational plenary dialogue to foster the diverse collaboration needed to reach our 2080 goals and ensure a legacy that transcends the generational divide. 

Raising the Standard: A Blueprint for Resilient and Sustainable Communities

Standards play a crucial role in guaranteeing the health and safety of Canadians. The impacts of a changing climate on our communities are increasing exponentially around the world, and concrete solutions are needed. New standards are being deployed to build climate-resilient and low carbon communities. Join us to learn how forward-looking, climate-informed standards can help your organization plan, design, and enable sustainable, climate-resilient communities in Canada and globally.

From Aspiration to Action: Global Perspectives on Driving Tangible Results

Around the world, businesses and governments alike are being called upon to display measurable progress towards a sustainable, net-zero future. Join us to hear global leadership perspectives on how driving action through policy, finance, and technology can result in tangible results.