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Think you know GLOBE? Think again.

At GLOBE 2020, delegates had the opportunity to meet corporate executives, European and Asian investor counterparts, cleantech entrepreneurs, young trailblazers and government policy-makers.

We built on all the hallmarks of GLOBE that you love – the diverse network, the top-notch programming and the innovative technology – with a new venue, new networking opportunities and new types of sessions and experiences.

Attendees came to GLOBE to:

  1. Find trusted co-investment partners
  2. Showcase their investment portfolios and growth
  3. Raise awareness about current and new funds
  4. Address capital deployment challenges
  1. Revitalize investment portfolios with innovative corporations and solution providers
  2. Enhance returns while addressing climate and other sustainability risks
  3. Gain market context for clean economy opportunities that lie ahead.

The time to act on opportunities in the clean economy is now.

GLOBE 2020 was a turning point in the conversation about the clean economy. Corporations, all levels of government, NGOs, international agencies, technology innovators, and the finance community met at GLOBE to invest, learn, do deals, find solutions and get inspired.

By being part of discussions and debates, where people are similarly focused and have similar goals and outcomes, helps us to get better. We’re here to learn new and different things, and to work together to move forward and do a better job for our members.

Hugh O’Reilly President and CEO, OP Trust

An excellent event at an extraordinary time of change in the global economy. The combination of corporate and government players, technology companies, and finance types made for a very powerful week.

Deb Frodl Global Executive Director, Ecomagination, GE

The networking has been amazing at GLOBE. You can literally just walk up to anybody, strike up a conversation, and get deep into sustainability challenges. Sustainability isn’t just about doing business better. We need the older generation to work with the younger generation. ​
If we don’t do that today, we may miss our opportunity.

Mark Rabin Founder/CEO​ Portable Electric​

Excellent gathering with a truly global audience. I left empowered and inspired by the positive energy and ambition among policy leaders, speakers and delegates

Arnaud Soirat President & CEO​ Primary Metal, Rio Tinto
GLOBE Welcome Reception

Build your own GLOBE experience.

GLOBE Exchange

Feb. 10

For the first time ever, GLOBE dedicated a full day to business-to-business (B2B) networking and transactions focused on cleantech. GLOBE Exchange connected capital and market opportunities with innovation to accelerate the transition to the clean economy. It featured curated matchmaking (innovator to investor, investor to investor and innovator to government), coaching for growth, investor presentations, meeting opportunities through our app, and networking activities.

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Feb 10-13

GLOBE Forum is our flagship business summit, featuring world-renowned thought leaders, innovators and sustainability experts. The GLOBE community is at the forefront of economic transformation: we generate ideas, make deals and take bold steps that transform our economy and change the world for the better.​

Every session, activity, networking break and exhibit were focused on creating a big impact ⁠— for business, for the economy and for the planet.​

GLOBE delegates were also invited to GLOBE Advance on Feb. 13 – a half-day impact-focused event where the GLOBE community came together to develop action plans around the transition to a clean economy.

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Innovation Showcase Booth

Innovation Showcase

Feb 11-12

GLOBE’s Innovation Showcase was the place to experience cutting-edge technology and see the future of the clean economy.

In the Hall of Technology, participants explored the newest innovations in sustainability. In the Hall of Discovery, attendees met leaders from Canada and around the world, with a focus on corporate vanguards in five thematic clusters: Bioeconomy/Circular Economy, Mobility, Smart Cities, Carbon Productivity and Oceans and Plastic.

The Innovation Showcase also featured interactive opportunities, including innovation challenges, start-up pitch competitions, interactive presentations, networking activities, and many more.

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