Experience cutting-edge technology and see the future of the clean economy.

Think you know GLOBE? Think again.

We’re going bigger and bolder than ever before.​ We’re building on all the hallmarks of GLOBE that you love — the diverse network, the pioneering startups and the innovative technology — with a new venue, new networking opportunities and new experiences.​

​Everything we do is intended to spark action and impact for your business, for the economy and for the planet.​

Visit our Innovation Showcase to see the next generation of cleantech, take part in one-of-a-kind networking opportunities and to be inspired by innovation that is paving the way for the clean economy.

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Things to see and do in the innovation showcase

Find your own path through the clean economy at GLOBE’s Innovation Showcase.

Hyundai Kona

The Hall of Technology

The latest and greatest in cleantech will be front and centre at GLOBE 2020. Our Hall of Technology provides an opportunity to touch and feel the newest innovations in sustainability. For exhibitors, the Hall of Technology is the place to put your cleantech on the map and enhance your deal flow. 

Explore Technology at GLOBE 2020

GLOBE events have showcased cutting-edge technological innovation for 30 years and 2020 is no exception. Visit our Innovation Showcase to discover:

  • Electric and hydrogen vehicles available for test drives courtesy of Emotive Ride and Drive
  • An authentic Formula E race car and simulator thanks to ABB
  • A solar power virtual reality (VR) experience from Greengate Power
  • An enclosed, electric-assist, smartphone-connected vehicle known as a “velomobile” courtesy of VeloMetro Mobility
  • Technology from the world’s first all-electric propulsion engine used for commercial flight from MagniX
  • A refillable water vending machine from Bevi
  • A cleantech solution for collecting ocean data from Open Ocean Robotics
  • Ocean plastic samples and a small-scale plastic-to-fuel machine thanks to the Ocean Legacy Foundation
Micronwaste Booth

The Hall of Discovery

The Hall of Discovery is your chance to take a deeper dive into the topics relevant to you and your business. Within this hall, you’ll find five strategic clusters, each featuring a group of innovative companies working in the area. Choose one of our clusters or browse them all:

  • Bioeconomy/Circular Economy
  • Mobility
  • Smart Cities
  • Carbon Productivity
  • Ocean and Plastics

The Hall of Discovery doesn’t stop there. This is also your place to find international trade delegations, B2B networking activities and representatives from as many as 55 different countries.

Wherever your path at GLOBE 2020 takes you, one thing is for certain: you will be meeting leaders of the clean economy from around the world.

B2B Activity


GLOBE 2020 provides a platform to connect corporate leaders and investors with curated clean innovation opportunities. Our Innovation Showcase Program offers a wide range of market opportunities, including Innovation Challenges, a ReversePitch session and cleantech side events. Optimize your GLOBE 2020 experience by choosing the right B2B opportunity for you.



Feb. 11-12: Innovation Showcase (9:00-17:00)

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Exhibit at globe 2020

Put your company on the map as an innovator and leader in the clean economy.

Interact with senior decision-makers from across the economy in energy, finance, manufacturing, mining and metals, transportation, retail, cleantech, chemical utilities, real estate, building and infrastructure, waste management information and communication technology, biotech, forestry and many more.

Access hundreds of corporate executives and government leaders​ from across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Learn about upcoming public tender opportunities and build strategic relationships.

Demonstrate your technology and make an impact with a cutting-edge hardware display.

Showcase your organization, industry or country, and use this as a platform to host industry partners.

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I’ve been to GLOBE several times, and one of the things I love is the trade show; seeing all the innovative companies and the different things they’re trying to do to make a difference. Making the environment part of the bottom line is the right way to do business.

Dr. Janet Peace Vice President, Markets and Business Strategy, Pew Center on Global Climate Change, USA

It makes sense to be here at GLOBE to talk to stakeholders that are interested in climate change. We’ve been meeting a substantial amount of people coming by the booth, talking to them after presentations, and learning from them. It’s been a really positive experience for us.

Sally Turney VP Communications, IBC

GLOBE has been an amazing experience. It has reaffirmed my faith in bridging that generational gap between the existing establishment, and the new up-and-coming young talent that are trying to make real change happen. We’ve connected with some of the top politicians. This is an amazing technology showcase. It’s been a humbling experience and very uplifting.

Mark Rabin Founder/CEO, Portable Electric