GLOBE 2018 Expo Floorplan

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Exhibitor List

Name Booth No. Country
ACCIONA Infrastructure Canada 1400 Canada
Actual Media 1126 Canada
Affinity Manufacturing Ltd. 1525B Canada
Air Canada 1027 Canada
BC Biocarbon 1025 Canada
BC Insulators 1318 Canada
BDC 1109 Canada
Berlie Technologies 1601 Canada
BHP Billiton 1421B United States
BioTalent Canada 727 Canada
BI Pure Water 1606 Canada
Bishop Water Technologies 1101 Canada
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) 714 Canada
British Columbia Utilities Commission 822B Canada
British Consulate-General 1218 Canada
Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS) 1606 Canada
Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) 611 Canada
Canadian Commercial Corporation 714 Canada
Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) 1118 Canada
Canadian Nuclear Association 1101 Canada
City of Prince George 1023 Canada
Clean50 1819 Canada
CleanTech Alliance 1223 United States
CMC Research Institutes, Inc. 1319B Canada
CN 1720 Canada
CO2 Solutions 1518B Canada
Colleges and Institutes Canada 1122 Canada
Consulate General of the Netherlands 604 Canada
Duro-Last Roofing Inc. 1521 United States
ECO Canada 725 Canada
Endura-Form 1320B Canada
Enerkem Inc. 1624 Canada
Eventa Link 1700A Iraq
FCM Green Municipal Fund 706 Canada
Forest Products Association of Canada 608 Canada
FortisBC Energy 812 Canada
Gasmaster Boilers 1125 Canada
GHG Accounting Services 1006 Canada
Global Affairs Canada (GAC) 614 Canada
Global Fiberglass Solutions of Canada Ltd 1006 Canada
GLOBE Performance Solutions (GPS) 1226 Canada
Gouvernement du Québec 1714 Canada
Government of British Columbia 800 Canada
Government of Canada ‐ Clean Growth Hub 1018 Canada
Greenland International Consulting 1101 Canada
Green Pages Directory 1320A Canada
GRID20/20 1101 Canada
Hakai Energy Solutions 1109 Canada
Hitachi Chemical 1603 Japan
Hydrogen In Motion 1006 Canada
Imbrium Systems Inc. 1326 Canada
Indigenous Business and Investment Council 826 Canada
Industrial Climate Solutions 1518A Canada
Innotech Alberta 1423 Canada
Insurance Bureau of Canada 806 Canada
Intellimeter Canada Inc. 1101 Canada
International CCS Knowledge Centre 1414 Canada
Intuitive Inc 1006 Canada
Inventys 1424 Canada
Leading Change 1800 Canada
LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. 1620 Canada
Lumex Instruments Canada 610B Canada
Lystek International Inc. 1101 Canada
Micron Waste Technologies 1709 Canada
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America 1522 United States
Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada 1720 Canada
Nano One Materials 1006 Canada
NQA 1525A Canada
NYIT Vancouver Campus 1622A Canada
o3 Canada 723 Canada
Ocean Laundry 1809 Canada
Oil Filtration Solutions Ltd. 1101 Canada
Ontario Ministry of International Trade 1001 Canada
Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries 1101 Canada
Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development 1101 Canada
Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) 1421A Canada
ReCharged Technologies Inc. 1006 Canada
Reliable Controls Corp. 1219 Canada
Royal Roads University 1702 Canada
Samwoo TCC 610A Republic Korea
Seneca College 1101 Canada
SHARC Energy Systems 1227 Canada
Shell LNG Canada Project 1812 Canada
Stevested Machinery & Engineering Ltd. 1006 Canada
Sustainable Life Media 1322B United States
Taiwan Pavilion 1408 Taiwan
Tandem Technical 1319A Canada
Terrestrial Energy 1101 Canada
The Carbon Initiative 1323 Canada
The Climate Reality Project 1622B Canada
Titanium Corporation 1124 Canada
TS Environment 1322A Ethiopia
UBC Faculty of Applied Science 1006 Canada
University of Victoria 1324 Canada
Vancouver Aquarium 1809 Canada
Washington Clean Energy Testbeds 1224 United States
Waste & Environmental Technologies Ltd. 1626 China
WaterTAP 1101 Canada
World Tree 1808 Canada
Xebec 1319C Canada
ZincNyx Energy Solutions Inc. 1123 Canada

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