Tuesday 16:00 - 17:30
Location: GLOBE Salon: MR 109/110
  • Climate Crisis
  • Mobilizing Capital

The call for global climate action is hitting a critical peak, and 2020 is a crucial year for international climate policy. However, policy alone will not be enough to create the ambitious action needed to meet this call. Finance and investment will have to play a critical role in creating the tangible action necessary to combat climate change. This dynamic session will stage the first major gathering of international climate experts since Chile’s crucial UN deliberations to discuss what policy is needed to unlock the finance that will drive change. Come prepared for big ideas as they discuss these pivotal questions:

  • What were the critical highlights from COP-25, how are its outcomes directly feeding into the first year of Paris Implementation and what does this mean for Canadians?
  • How close are countries to achieving their current targets and what needs to be adjusted to achieve those in 2030/2050?
  • In the face of growing uncertainty, how do companies manage and seize opportunities?
  • How will policy help to unlock the finance necessary to drive climate action?
  • What is Canada’s current role in the international community and what solutions are we bringing to the table?