Tuesday 11:15 - 12:15
Location: GLOBE Salon: MR 109/110
  • Sustainability as Strategy
  • Circular Economy

Our current consumption patterns have brought us close to, and in some cases beyond, our planetary limitations. If it remains unaddressed, unchecked consumption threatens to put a brake on business growth and the four-fold growth in GDP anticipated by 2050. Join the sharp end of consumer-retail for a working session on how companies are meeting the challenge, where they see opportunities, and what it might mean for your business along the supply chain.

  • How do we break the dependency between business growth and selling more stuff to more people? What models have companies tried and what did and did not work?
  • How do we move consumer aspirations away from buying and owning stuff and instead focus on  utility and service?
  • How do we ensure this is not yet another example of wealthier countries telling emerging and low income economies they cannot follow our growth path?