Tuesday 13:15 - 14:15
Location: GLOBE Lab: MR 121/122
  • Circular Economy
  • Mobilizing Capital

Canada’s late to the dance with its Bioeconomy Strategy, released in the summer of 2019. Yet Canada’s enviable natural resource wealth positions us favourably to capitalize on value-added products and services, from biofuels, bio-based textiles, chemicals and bioplastics. The bioeconomy presents a massive trillion dollar opportunity for Canada that underpins a more circular economy and delivers measurable climate benefits. As Canada’s strategy rolls out, critical questions around how biomass will be deployed are timely, especially in light of competition for valuable feedstocks and capital, emerging technologies and foreign markets looking to capitalize on the opportunities. Join us in reimagining our natural resources under a lens of higher value as we discuss the bioeconomy as a crucial piece in Canada’s low carbon transition.

  • How do we create the market demand and value chains necessary to accelerate the move to a bioeconomy?
  • What are the promising pathways for high value deployment of forestry and agriculture biomass and how can Canada lead in this space?
  • What is the job potential associated with the bio-economy and where do we expect to see growth in the near-term?
  • How is capital being deployed in this arena and where are entrepreneurs likely to find financing and assistance with scale?

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