Tuesday 16:00 - 17:30
Location: GLOBE Lab: MR 121/122
  • Sustainability as Strategy

In September 2019, 181 members of the US Business Roundtable (BRT) signed a Statement of Purpose endorsing stakeholder-inclusive purpose for corporations, indicating a departure from the shareholder-focused mentality that has dominated the corporate sphere for decades. This dynamic session will put you at the forefront of social purpose in business. First, hear from leaders from Ikea, ALDO Group and Nature’s Path who will share their pivot to purpose, along with the drivers, benefits and challenges.

Then, join a hands-on interactive workshop with Allen Langdon, President and CEO or Return-It, Louise Schwarz, Founder & Co-owner at Recycling Alternative, and Greg Malpass, Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of of Traction on Demand. These organizations will be designing their social purpose in real-time. Leave the session with insight on how to find and advance purpose in your business or with your business partners.

  • What is a social purpose business and why are businesses pivoting to purpose?
  • How can leading with purpose provide a platform for increased customer engagement and integration of sustainability as a key element of strategy?
  • How do business leaders find their aspiration and build it into their businesses?
  • Good, better, best – what are the criteria for a good social purpose?

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