Tuesday 14:30 - 15:30
Location: Main Stage: Ballroom A/B
  • Climate Crisis
  • Mobilizing Capital

In the next fifteen years, an estimated $90 trillion USD will be needed in infrastructure investment for climate safe growth. Due to the lock-in effects of our infrastructure choices, the New Climate Economy has referred to the next two to three years a global “use it or lose it” window on climate action. This dialogue will address how to direct the massive infrastructure investment opportunity as well as the existing and emerging avenues to scale Canadian investments. Leaders will share best practices and chart the promising path leading to COP 26 in the United Kingdom, with a focus on the transformation imperative:

  • Given expected spending on infrastructure, what does it look like to “use” this window of opportunity? What are the key frameworks and tools to price climate risks and facilitate resilient investments?
  • What role can Canada play in accelerating global leadership on climate-smart investments and how might Canada lead in developing a national framework on resilient infrastructure?
  • How should government and the private sector work together to mobilize capital for climate resilience and how can initiatives be pursued in 2020

With representation from the public, private, domestic, and international perspectives, this discussion will identify key ways to seize the resilient infrastructure opportunity in a changing climate.

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