Tuesday 09:45 - 10:45
Location: GLOBE Salon: MR 109/110
  • Sustainability as Strategy
  • Circular Economy

Companies large and small are starting to embrace circular business models that have the potential of achieving supply chain efficiencies, opening new markets, and achieving market leadership by responding to customer demand. But the road to success is often long, winding and littered with challenges. In conversation with first-mover leaders in this space we will ask:

  • Why are companies really deciding to embrace circularity and what was the internal process required to make this decision?
  • What are the predominant business models being embraced?
  • What new products, services and markets can we expect to see in the future?
  • What is holding companies back from deepening and scaling their move to circularity?
  • How can governments, institutional investors, and civil society do to help accelerate this transition?