Tuesday 11:15 - 12:15
Location: GLOBE Theatre: MR 118/120
  • Climate Crisis

Join us for three exciting, back-to-back Lightning Talks on the themes of climate change & innovation.

Weathering Climate Change – Understanding our Psychology to Regenerate the Earth

We’re hearing more and more about the personal and intimate challenges climate change is creating for individuals and communities. From ecological grief to reproductive anxiety to the exacerbation of mental health problems, climate change has ignited the global mental health agenda. Join Dr. Britt Wray, broadcaster and science writer, as she explores what design and foresight can do to fight the negative psychological impacts of the climate crisis.

Communicating Climate – Why Facts are Not Enough

The challenge posed by human-induced climate change to society and the natural environment has been carefully and methodically summarized by thousands of peer-reviewed studies and decades’ worth of exhaustive reports by Royal Societies, National Academies, federal agencies, and the IPCC. But communicating climate change, and more importantly, communicating the need for both social and political action to combat climate change, remains challenging and divisive. Join climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe as she untangles the complex science connecting our choices to future impacts and answers: How do we communicate climate change effectively given the political rhetoric the public hear, particularly during election cycles? How can community support for climate action be translated into support for initiatives that work to meet tangible targets (carbon pricing, etc.)? What role do shared values play in this dialogue?

Designing for Our Future

The future is arriving. View our earth through the lens of the MIT Senseable City Lab who will guide us through an omni-disciplinary approach to urban innovation and future thinking. Umberto Fugiglando will share Lab’s latest work towards shaping tomorrow’s cities as well as his own remarkable insight on design innovation and future technologies.