Thursday 09:30 - 12:00
Location: MR 116/117
  • Sustainability as Strategy

In the hard-hitting impact-oriented conclusion of GLOBE Forum, business leaders, government, not-for-profits, academics, cleantech innovators and youth will all come together on Feb. 13 for GLOBE Advance. In a completely new event format for GLOBE, experts from the GLOBE community will put pen to paper and develop strategic action plans to further the clean economy.

Join the Social Purpose Institute, partners and allies for an interactive, fun, inspiring, and impactful session, where you will play a role in scaling up the social purpose business movement in Canada and beyond, You will also have the opportunity to engage with peers and make valuable connections in the social purpose arena.

In this session, we will identify four key leverage points that can be advanced over the next two years and reported on at GLOBE 2022. We’ll begin by hearing expert pitches of eight social purpose momentum-building ideas. The group will select four winning ideas to develop further during the session in a creative, crowdsourcing brainstorm and then shared back with the larger group for resolution.

On Feb. 11-12, you will be invited to suggest social purpose accelerator ideas to pitch for this session on GLOBE’s Data Wall. Examples include: “A deeper dive into what accelerating social purpose means for your business and beyond”, “Exploring the role of corporate boards and investors to engage companies in social purpose”, and “How to build an enabling ecosystem to accelerate social purpose in business?

This session is not to be missed for anyone that wants to be part of the rapidly growing social purpose business movement that is revolutionizing business as we know it.

Social Purpose Experts co-leading this session:

  • Stephanie Bertels, Director, Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability at SFU
  • Tim Reeve, President of Reeve Consulting
  • Tessa Jordan, Program Head, Sustainable Business Leadership, British Columbia Institute of Technology.
  • Mary Ellen Schaafsma, Director, Social Purpose Institute at United Way
  • Monika Marcovici, Strategist at the Social Purpose Institute at United Way

Who should attend:

  • Entrepreneurs, executives and sustainability, marketing and supply chain professionals, looking to accelerate social purpose in their companies and with their customers and business ecosystem
  • Consultants, service providers and business association representatives who want to contribute to fostering the social purpose business movement
  • Civil society leaders, government managers, educators and students keen to build the ecosystem for purpose-driven companies to thrive
  • Investors and board directors interested in accelerating capital markets for good


To register for GLOBE Advance, indicate your preferred session on the Order page of the GLOBE Forum registration process. The cost of GLOBE Advance is included in your GLOBE Forum pass.