Thursday 09:30 - 12:00
Location: GLOBE Lab: MR 121/122
  • Climate Crisis
  • Energy Transformation

In the hard-hitting impact-oriented conclusion of GLOBE Forum, business leaders, government, not-for-profits, academics, cleantech innovators and youth will all come together on Feb. 13 for GLOBE Advance. In a completely new event format for GLOBE, experts from the GLOBE community will put pen to paper and develop strategic action plans to further the clean economy.

At its core, the act of energy transformation is about responding to the tension between current and desired future states of our energy systems. With much of our current system reliant on hydrocarbon energy, it is prudent to explore how we can best leverage the embedded value of that infrastructure, talent and investment to accelerate and amplify other transformation activities. Having a clearly articulated definition of hydrocarbons’ role in the energy system that the future requires of us will support decisions on optimal pathways for transformation.

Participants will explore the hydrocarbon value web through the principles of the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, energy transition, backcasting, and future fitness. We will  explore the energy transformation within the context of Canada’s global position as an energy producer, as well as build a clearer understanding of pathways to align the hydrocarbon industry with circular economic and sustainability principles.

Expected outcome: Draft a definition and characteristics of a future-fit hydrocarbon and a list of specific initiatives that could be implemented or further supported to attain this.

Who should attend:

  • Sustainability practitioners from the energy production sector or other sectors that will likely rely on hydrocarbon energy during the energy transition.
  • Entrepreneurs and leaders looking to capitalize on the non-combustive opportunities that hydrocarbons provide, e.g., as a feedstock for technical materials.


To register for GLOBE Advance, indicate your preferred session on the Order page of the GLOBE Forum registration process. The cost of GLOBE Advance is included in your GLOBE Forum pass.

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