Thursday 09:30 - 12:00
Location: MR 112
  • Mobilizing Capital

In the hard-hitting impact-oriented conclusion of GLOBE Forum, business leaders, government, not-for-profits, academics, cleantech innovators and youth will all come together on Feb. 13 for GLOBE Advance. In a completely new event format for GLOBE, experts from the GLOBE community will put pen to paper and develop strategic action plans to further the clean economy.

This session will consider various financial mechanisms available to deploy in ocean-based initiatives and best fit for domestic and international expansion based on best practices deployed to date. We’ll focus on specific high priority deployment areas (e.g., blue carbon) as well as the scale and timing for advancing investment interest which will feed into specific targets that can be established for broader consideration.

Expected outcome: A list of public and private sector opportunities to address barriers and accelerate deployment of financial mechanisms for ocean and shoreline deployment, as well as potential lead organizations that would be necessary to scale deployment. Specific targets for domestic and international deployment will also be addressed.

Who should attend:

  • International financial institutions
  • Canadian financial institutions
  • Pension funds, venture capitalistand other investment interests
  • Government financial institutions
  • Government departments
  • Ocean and coastal-focused companies and institutions
  • International policy centres


To register for GLOBE Advance, indicate your preferred session on the Order page of the GLOBE Forum registration process. The cost of GLOBE Advance is included in your GLOBE Forum pass.