Wednesday 10:45 - 11:45
Location: GLOBE Salon: MR 109/110
  • Sustainability as Strategy

As the demand for ESG information rises and investor coalitions continue to grow, issuers need to consider how they’ll prioritize their engagements with investors.

Investors increasingly desire standardized ESG information to help inform their decisions. However, many corporates release ESG information that is immaterial, unorganized, and developed using different reporting frameworks. To combat this confusion, investors are starting to develop proprietary models to evaluate ESG information.

What’s more, it’s been shown that companies that disclose performance metrics on their material ESG issues are the ones generating the greatest returns, showing there are real benefits to prioritising ESG. Join us to workshop these issues from both corporate and investor angles as we ask:

  • How can companies best engage investors directly in order to own the information that is going out to the marketplace about them?
  • Are investors getting what they need from corporations?
  • How does ESG integration lead to better financial performance?