Tuesday 16:00 - 17:00
Location: Main Stage: Ballroom A/B
  • Energy Transformation

As universal energy demands rise alongside escalating climate concerns, active pursuit of the clean energy transformation has begun. Despite well-intentioned policy initiatives, significant investment in renewables and rapidly growing awareness of the perils posed by climate change, we are yet to witness a meaningful shift in the global energy nor are we anywhere close to achieving the Paris commitments. Ready your organization for the imminent energy landscape as those at the vanguard debate what an ideal energy scenario entails if we are to evade the threshold of potential catastrophe.

  • What are optimum energy road maps and why aren’t we seeing noticeable progress?
  • What are the prospects for continued or expanded use of nuclear as part of a clean energy portfolio?
  • How can the energy industry transition quickly enough to make a difference given the alarming speed of climate change?
  • How can your organization navigate such a fundamental transformation?