Accessibility at GLOBE

venue accessibility

GLOBE 2020 will be taking place on Level 1 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. Level 1 can be accessed from street level or the parking lot via an elevator.

Please refer to the Vancouver Convention Centre’s Accessibility page for more information


All bathrooms at the Vancouver Convention Centre West include wheelchair-accessible stalls. A gender-neutral bathroom with baby changing stations is also available.

Baby Nursing Room

A Baby Nursing Room is available and secured by key. Please contact someone at GLOBE’s registration desk or info booth if you would like access to this room.

GLOBE 2020 Code of Conduct

GLOBE 2020 provides a platform for engaging thought-provoking conversations and discussions. We encourage all attendees to constructively challenge one another and start meaningful conversations around the issues that are important to them.

We acknowledge the important role that inclusion and diversity have in strengthening business relationships and community ties. They are also necessary to achieving GLOBE’s vision: a sustainable, prosperous and socially just future in a generation.

However, no matter how intensely you may feel about a subject, please keep in mind that GLOBE 2020 is an event that welcomes perspectives from all over the world. It is not a place for conversations, discussions, and behaviour that are intentionally inappropriate, disruptive, or abusive.

We define inappropriate behaviour as any form of verbal or physical abuse, the use of derogatory or discriminatory language, gestures or actions, any form of harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other targeted comments which are intended to cause personal offense to another GLOBE attendee (or staff/volunteer) either in-person at the event or through social media channels, or which are in violation of any local laws.

At our discretion, the organizers will initiate appropriate action against any individual(s) or group(s) they believe fail to meet the standards set forth in this Code of Conduct, including but not limited to revoking the violating parties’ credentials without refund.

If you believe you’ve observed or experienced a violation of this Code of Conduct please advise us at or any on-site information or registration desk, and the organizers will work to assess the situation and to respond as soon as possible. Please remember that notifying the organizers does not constitute or replace a notification to local law enforcement if the situation warrants that such action be taken.

All violations of the law should be reported to local law enforcement. For emergencies, immediately dial 9-1-1. For non-emergencies, the Vancouver Police Department is available at (604) 717-3321.

Additional Accessibility Requests

GLOBE Series is committed to making GLOBE 2020 an inclusive and accessible event. If you have a suggestion for how to make GLOBE more inclusive for yourself, a colleague, or someone else who will attend, please contact:

Randall Cook
Operations Manager