Common Waters, Shared Visions: Indigenous Collaboration on B.C.’s Watershed Security Strategy

Long-term watershed security is critical for the future of British Columbia. First Nations and the Province have worked together to co-develop a Watershed Security Strategy. Join this session to learn about how the diversity of perspectives and approaches of First Nations and the Province came together to develop a Strategy that will realize better watershed outcomes for British Columbia.

The Future of Forests: Leveraging Technology, Partnerships and Canada’s Forests on the Path to Net Zero

Forests have long played a critical role in Canada’s environment and economy. However, they are currently under threat as unprecedented climate-induced wildfires sweep the nation. At this session, discover how partnerships, technology and Indigenous Ways of Knowing can be used to regenerate these critical ecosystems and how, when protected and managed sustainably, forests can help drive progress towards net zero. 

Weaving Traditional & Modern Stewardship: The Legacy of Indigenous Coastal Marine Management

This interactive panel session will examine how Indigenous stewardship of waters has evolved over time, through the strategic weaving of traditional guardianship responsibility with modern methods and technology. Speakers will discuss how building partnerships across First Nations, governments, and philanthropy has been key to making impactful changes to conservation efforts of the Great Bear Sea and beyond. The session hopes to invoke thoughtful reflection and conversation on how to reimagine roles of marine conservation today, as we collaboratively build a shared legacy for tomorrow. 

Centering Indigenous Rights, Equity Partnerships and Indigenous Ways of Knowing for a Regenerative Future

For millennia, Indigenous Peoples have held a deeply intimate relationship with the natural world. Through this longstanding bond, they have amassed a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience that are invaluable to creating a cooperative coexistence. Partnering with, and affirming the rights of, Indigenous Peoples are critical as we work to restore and protect the world around us. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation with Indigenous leaders as they explore the crucial role of Indigenous Rights, Equity Partnerships, and Indigenous Ways of Knowing in driving understanding and action for a more regenerative future.  

Healthy Energy Homes: Going Beyond Sustainability

In this interactive discussion, amplifying Indigenous Clean Energy and the Canadian Climate Institute’s Health Energy Homes project, expert panelists will explore the connections between housing, health outcomes, clean energy, and energy efficiency. They will explore innovative solutions to address a concern Indigenous Peoples have been raising for decades—poor quality homes are causing severe health impacts in Indigenous communities across Canada. The session will delve into how energy efficiency solutions go “beyond sustainability” to not only mitigate greenhouse gas emissions but also address poor health outcomes, build climate resilience, and create economic benefits.

The Power of Indigenous Leadership: Combating Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change

Indigenous-led conservation is the most effective and equitable way to safeguard habitat, reverse wildlife loss, and reduce climate change—all while helping to advance reconciliation. Join us for this timely conversation on how organizations of all types can support Indigenous-led conservation, and help advance a more equitable and sustainable future. 

Northern Food Innovation Challenge: Supporting Food Resilient Communities in the Territories

Food is foundational to ensuring resilient and sustainable communities. Northerners are intensely aware of this and are deploying innovative techniques and local knowledge to diversify the sector and support food security and food sovereignty within their regions. As the federal body focused on economic development in the territories, the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency is funding community-led northern and Indigenous food projects through its Northern Food Innovation Challenge.

Join us to explore the impact of these strategic investments on local food systems, discover the role of innovative food initiatives in creating resilient communities, and gain understanding of how the complexities and opportunities of northern solutions may have potential for global impact.

Partnering for Adaptation: Collaboration to Build Physical Climate Resilience

Building resilient communities requires collaborative solutions grounded in multi-stakeholder partnerships. This session will explore how the private and public sectors can accelerate action by showcasing real-life examples. Join us to learn about effectively combatting climate risks and disasters, building back stronger from flood and fire, and collaborating with diverse stakeholders to build climate resilient communities. 

Envision 2080: Harmonizing Generations for a Sustainable Future

Purpose-led action today must be grounded in a shared long-term vision for a clean, prosperous, and equitable tomorrow. For that vision to become reality, we must harness the combined power, skill sets, and perspectives of all generations. Join this intergenerational plenary dialogue to foster the diverse collaboration needed to reach our 2080 goals and ensure a legacy that transcends the generational divide. 

A Matriarchal Movement: The Vital Role of Indigenous Women in the Energy Transition

Indigenous women’s values, skills, and roles as Traditional Knowledge Keepers make them invaluable to creating a more sustainable future. However, when it comes to the energy transition, their voices are often overlooked. Join this session to learn from inspiring female and Two-spirit Indigenous leaders on how their knowledge, values, and voices can lead the way to a sustainable, prosperous, and balanced energy transition for all.