A Whole-of-Society Approach: Driving Transformational Change for Economy and Nature

Historically, economic growth and environmental conservation have often been at odds. Now, more than ever, we need to work together to generate a transformational shift in our ways of thinking and actions to protect and manage the health of ecosystems. Join this interactive session to discuss partnership-based approaches and frameworks to create pathways that mutually benefit our ecosystems and economy for current and future generations.

The Future of Forests: Leveraging Technology, Partnerships and Canada’s Forests on the Path to Net Zero

Forests have long played a critical role in Canada’s environment and economy. However, they are currently under threat as unprecedented climate-induced wildfires sweep the nation. At this session, discover how partnerships, technology and Indigenous Ways of Knowing can be used to regenerate these critical ecosystems and how, when protected and managed sustainably, forests can help drive progress towards net zero. 

Italian Cleantech Solutions: CDP-Business Matching on Green Building & Smart Cities (Virtual)

This virtual discussion on business opportunities will centre around Green Building and Smart Cities, with a focus on both Italian and Canadian solutions and needs. This session will also include a presentation of Cassa depositi e prestiti (CDP) – SIMEST’s new Business Matching platform, and of the group’s financial services for internationalization. Explore the intersections between GLOBE Forum 2024 and Buildex by listening to a prestigious line up of experts, entrepreneurs and officials and connecting with related businesses.

To participate in this online session, please register here.

Organized by ITA, CDP-SIMEST and Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West, in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Canada.

Italian Cleantech Solutions: Passionate about Sustainability

Eight Italian cleantech companies take to the The Hub stage at GLOBE Forum to showcase their solutions and participate in a themed discussion about their passion for sustainability.

  6. Qwarzo SPA
  7. WARMSET by Filmcutter spa
  8. Xori Holding S.r.l.

Learn more about these organizations here. Access to this session is limited to registered GLOBE Forum delegates.  

Italian Cleantech Solutions: Circular Economy & Renewable Energy Opportunities in Canada

This hybrid workshop session will explore collaboration and business opportunities between Italy and Canada, stemming from a circular approach to the energy transition. Providing examples of technological solutions Italian researchers and businesses are studying and/or applying, this session will expand on various opportunities to partner with Canadian Indigenous and governmental organizations.

To attend session virtually, please register here.  

Organized by ITA and Embassy of Italy in Canada.

From the Micro to the Macro: Unpacking Plastic’s Place in a Regenerative Future

The durability, cost and efficiency of plastics have caused their use to proliferate across sectors and value chains of our global economy. However, the use of fossil-fuels for their production, their often “single-use” nature, and the way we typically dispose of plastics present significant challenges to accelerating a clean economy. Join this session to discuss the complexity of our relationship with plastics, the actions industry and consumers must take to reduce their negative impact on our planet, and how plastics fit in a sustainable, zero-waste future. 

Transforming Transportation: Decarbonizing the Supply Chain

Transportation services represent a large share of many organizations’ total emissions and must be tackled to reach net zero. While rail and marine are efficient modes of transportation and have made strides to decarbonize, there is still much work to be done – and the journey cannot be made alone. At this interactive session, stakeholders from across the transportation supply chain will explore how we can collaborate to further optimize the efficiency of existing technologies and accelerate the development of new solutions that will transport us to a more sustainable future. 

Scaling Circularity: Strategies for Implementing Circular Practices in Your Organization

Scaling circularity is not only about growing new technologies or starting new businesses; it’s also about rethinking how existing business models and operations can adapt and innovate. There are opportunities to implement circular initiatives within existing businesses, but scaling them requires investment, stakeholder buy-in, and collaboration. Join us to discuss how to overcome the barriers of scaling circularity and stay ahead of the curve. 

Powering Canada’s Future with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Innovation (Invite-Only)

Join industry leaders, experts, and technologists at this electrifying session to take part in key discussions that will shape the future of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) in Canada. V2G technology presents a unique opportunity for electric vehicles to become part of the solution to Canada’s rapidly growing electricity demand. With demand expected to increase 47% by 2050, progress to develop and scale bidirectional charging technology needs to happen quickly. Take part in this session and help lead the ‘charge’ in Canada’s electrification landscape. 

Envision 2080: Harmonizing Generations for a Sustainable Future

Purpose-led action today must be grounded in a shared long-term vision for a clean, prosperous, and equitable tomorrow. For that vision to become reality, we must harness the combined power, skill sets, and perspectives of all generations. Join this intergenerational plenary dialogue to foster the diverse collaboration needed to reach our 2080 goals and ensure a legacy that transcends the generational divide.