About the Awards

The 2018 GLOBE Climate Leadership Awards recognize exceptional Canadian organizations that are at the forefront of climate change action. This is an exciting opportunity for Canadian businesses and municipalities to gain global recognition for their achievements in combating climate change and participating in the clean growth economy.

Winners of these awards will be recognized at the GLOBE Forum 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia (March 14-16). Each winner will receive a complimentary pass to the Forum and will be featured in a nation-wide communications campaign.

Applications for the GLOBE Climate Leadership Awards 2018 are now closed.

Thanks to the many Canadian businesses and municipalities who submitted their applications and videos. We will announce the winners at GLOBE Forum 2018, and hope you’ll join us to celebrate Canadian climate leadership.


Video Showcase

Micron Waste Technologies Inc's application video
Delta M's application video
General Fusion's application video
Modern Resources Inc's application video
Town of Gibsons' application video
SHARC Energy Systems' application video
EnviroLeach Technologies' application video

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