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Vancouver Convention Centre West

Feb 10 – Exchange
Feb 10-13 – Forum
Feb 11-12 – Innovation Showcase

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GLOBE Series is the largest and longest-running sustainable business summit and innovation showcase in North America. Since 1990, 170,000 people from 97 countries have come to GLOBE to learn from industry leaders, marvel at cutting-edge technology and form long-lasting partnerships.

Given the urgency of the global climate crisis, GLOBE 2020 will have a laser focus on impact, action and outcomes. Offering stellar growth and networking opportunities to thousands of corporate, government and young leaders, GLOBE is the business summit with global impact.




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GLOBE 2020 Speakers


Feb. 10-13

GLOBE Forum is our flagship business summit, featuring world-renowned thought leaders, innovators and sustainability experts. The GLOBE community is at the forefront of economic transformation: we generate ideas, make deals and take bold steps that transform our economy and change the world for the better.​

Come to GLOBE Forum to meet partners and investors who can accelerate your business, to develop your skills through our educational workshops and to learn from speakers and innovators who are leaders in their fields.​

GLOBE delegates are also invited to GLOBE Advance on Feb. 13 – a half-day impact-focused event where the GLOBE community will come together to develop action plans around the transition to a clean economy.

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GLOBE Exchange

Feb. 10

For the first time ever, GLOBE is dedicating a full day to business-to-business (B2B) networking and transactions focused on cleantech.

GLOBE Exchange will connect capital and market opportunities with innovation to accelerate the transition to the clean economy. It features curated matchmaking (innovator to investor, investor to investor and innovator to government), investor presentations, coaching for growth, opportunities to connect with young talent and other networking activities.

If you’re an investor or buyer searching for partners or cutting-edge technology, you’ll find it at GLOBE Exchange where you can condense many curated meetings into one day.

If you’re looking for young talent to add to your team, you’ll find them at GLOBE Exchange.

If you’re a cleantech innovator eager to connect with like-minded investors and strategic partners, you’ll meet them at GLOBE Exchange.

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Innovation Showcase

Feb 11-12

GLOBE’s Innovation Showcase is the place to experience cutting-edge technology and see the future of the clean economy.

In the Hall of Technology, you will get a chance to touch and feel the newest innovations in sustainability. Our Hall of Discovery will give you the opportunity to meet leaders from Canada and around the world, featuring corporate vanguards in five thematic clusters: Bioeconomy/Circular Economy, Mobility, Smart Cities, Carbon Productivity and Oceans and Plastic.

There will be interactive opportunities in the Innovation Showcase including innovation challenges, start-up pitch competitions, interactive presentations, networking activities, and many more!

Visit our Innovation Showcase to meet and connect with the leaders and partners who can help supercharge business growth.

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Meet our GLOBE VIPs (Very Impactful People)

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