Meet our GLOBE Exchange Workshop Leaders

Workshop Leaders

For the first time ever, GLOBE is dedicating a full day to business-to-business (B2B) networking and transactions focused on cleantech—GLOBE Exchange. In addition to matchmaking and investor presentations, Exchange participants will also have access to workshops designed to help you grow your business.

Read on to learn more from some of the experts leading these workshops at GLOBE Exchange: Bernard Tan from RE Royalties, who will be leading the “How to Pitch to Investors and Raise Capital” workshop; and Drs. Brian Mariampillai and Fatme Dahcheh from GreenCentre Canada, who are leading the “Refining your Product/Market Fit” workshop.


What’s the key thing that people will get out of attending your session?

Mr. Tan: You’ll learn how to tell your story to different types of investors. Pitching is very different than selling; to be successful you need to understand how to deliver your message. We will share our personal successes and struggles, so you can learn what works and what doesn’t.

Drs. Mariampillai and Dahcheh: Participants will learn about various strategies to overcome product and market validation challenges for chemistry and materials-based cleantech innovations. Emphasis will be placed on product and market de-risking, and how effectively addressing these challenges can directly decrease time to market.


What is the most exciting thing happening in your area right now?

Mr. Tan: While the royalty business model is well proven and the renewable energy industry is not new, the combination of the two had not been done before. We are the first royalty company to focus solely on the renewable energy sector. Our royalty financing model is an alternative to equity and traditional debt that provides funding in exchange for a percentage of a company’s future revenues. The actual dollar amount that our clients pay each month fluctuates with the company’s revenue performance.

Some of the key milestones that we achieved this year included:

  • Completing our first year as the first publicly traded renewable energy royalty company on the TSX Venture Exchange.
  • Issuing quarterly dividends.
  • Investing $11 million into three different transactions and acquiring 54 new royalties.

It’s also gratifying to see that the projects in which we invested in 2019 provide 222,000 megawatts of clean energy and remove 70 million tonnes of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere annually.

Drs. Mariampillai and Dahcheh: It’s exciting to see the increased number of early-stage companies developing new chemistry and material-based innovations in the cleantech sector.  We are particularly excited about the developments in electrification (batteries, transportation, solar) and bioproducts (plant-based products, biodegradable food packaging, food waste recycling).


What are you most looking forward to at GLOBE 2020?

Mr. Tan: We are looking forward to connecting with like-minded thinkers, investors and project leaders, and sharing ideas on how innovative financing can help accelerate the transition to a cleaner economy and future.

Drs. Mariampillai and Dahcheh: Meeting the many early stage-companies developing chemistry and materials-based cleantech innovations, as well as the many supporting organizations in the commercialization ecosystem.


Why do you do what you do?

Mr. Tan: The inspiration for the company came to me when I became a new parent a few years ago. I wanted to do something positive for my children’s generation and the generations thereafter. I have always believed that capitalism and innovation are two of the strongest forces to mobilize change. By bringing more capital and introducing innovation into the renewable industry, we can hopefully slow or even reverse the effects of climate change.

Drs. Mariampillai and Dahcheh: It is extremely rewarding to work with enthusiastic innovators and help their companies raise funds, grow, and get their sustainable products to market.



Note: The deadline for the curated matchmaking component of GLOBE Exchange is Jan. 17. Registration for the workshops will be available until Feb. 10.