Senior Analyst, Climate Change Technical Analysis – Delphi


Term of Position: Full Time   

Closing Date:  On-going Hire.  We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.  

Location:  Flexible work arrangements, with offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria, or Vancouver 




The Delphi Group ( has a number of openings at various junior to intermediate levels to join its growing team of professionals. Delphi’s technical experts provide modeling and analytics support to all sustainability projects across the company. Simply put, they provide the numbers and reveal the meaning behind them.  

Sustainability analysts and consultants are responsible for the quantification of environmental metrics (including, but not limited to GHGs, CACs, water, land use) for a range of corporate and governmental clients and projects, as well as conducting additional modeling and analysis building on these metrics, such as forecasting, target setting, and strategy development and implementation.  Building tools to support these functions is often involved. 

In addition to technical skills, these roles require competence in general consultancy skills, including but not limited to, project management, teamwork, time management, and excellent written and oral communication skills (reports, presentations, proposals, and internal & external communication).  

Almost all of Delphi’s projects will have technical and non-technical components. While the main focus of Delphi’s technical candidates will be to support the technical components of projects (metrics, modeling and analytics), ideal candidates are also able to comprehend and contribute to the broader non-technical components of projects (corporate sustainability strategy, risk identification and assessment, sustainability reporting and communications, corporate governance and decision-making, benchmarking, as well as climate policy and legislation),  



Analysts and consultants are assigned with the following responsibilities at various levels, according to their position:   



Specific Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHG) Responsibilities 

  • Serve as a specialist in the identification and quantification of GHG emissions and other environmental metrics for corporate clients; 
  • Assist in developing GHG reduction strategies and valuation models for clients; 
  • Perform assessments and feasibility studies for emissions reduction projects and clean technologies, including modeling / quantifying GHG emissions reductions and/or other environmental benefits; 
  • Consider the implications of GHG policy and legislation when preparing GHG analyses for projects and organizations; 
  • Act as a general resource for the technical, technological, and/or quantitative aspects of Delphi’s sustainability projects. 

General Project Responsibilities 

  • As needed, provide support to projects across all of Delphi’s service areas; 
  • Undertake general research and summarize findings into deliverables; 
  • Preparation of and assistance with the development of reports and briefs including content review and preparation, formatting and presentation enhancement, etc.; 
  • Participate in the development and carrying out of project-related surveys; 
  • Hold accountability for completing specific elements of client projects / work; 
  • Incorporate client feedback during the various stages of the project into the final deliverables; 
  • At consultant level, ability to review work by junior staff and provide constructive feedback; 
  • At consultant level, according to client feedback, modify project to better meet client needs;  
  • At consultant level, manage projects of various sizes, including project scope, budget and schedule management, project team management.  



  • Support the development of proposals, including gathering and writing content; 
  • Support the development of project methodology and budget; 
  • At consultant level, can lead the development of proposals for small to medium-sized projects with minimal input from senior management. 



  • At analyst level, perform targeted tasks such as developing content for presentations for technical and non-technical audiences of various kinds; 
  • At consultant level, support the development of presentations, carry out presentations and lead working groups, as needed. 


Client management 

  • Use clear, professional, and effective communication with clients; 
  • Participate in client meetings, prepare meeting minutes and email communications; 
  • At consultant level, schedule and hold client meetings and conduct client communications without senior management supervision. 



  • Take a proactive approach to promoting Delphi’s accomplishments and projects through individual marketing, participation and presentations at related conferences and events. 



  • Undergraduate degree in science or engineering relevant to the job responsibilities outlined above. Graduate degree is considered an asset; 
  • 0 to 6 years of relevant employment experience with the employee’s seniority/title primarily based on years of experience; 
  • Demonstrated ability to understand industrial systems and processes; 
  • Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills; ability to approach problems from an engineering perspective; 
  • Attention to detail when reviewing large sets of data; Ability to analyze numbers and identify trends; proficiency in using spreadsheets; 
  • Ability to prioritize, multitask and organize work efficiently, in order to meet budgetary and timeline constraints; 
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills; 
  • Strong ability to research literature and internet-based sources, consolidate information into concise findings, proficient analytical skills and effectively communicate results. 



(preference will be given to candidates with one or more of the following): 

  • Past work, academic and/or other experience with the quantification of GHGs and/or other environmental impacts; 
  • Prior experience working in a consulting environment; 
  • Knowledge and experience with corporate GHG and sustainability reporting practices, strategy development and relevant standards / programs such as ISO 14064, WRI GHG Protocol, CDP, GRI, etc.; 
  • Knowledge and experience with developing corporate GHG emissions targets (net-zero, science-based targets); 
  • Work/project experience in one or more major Canadian industrial or economic sector; 
  • Demonstrated ability to develop advanced MS Excel-based tools and/or models, including utilizing VBA or other advanced techniques and employing user-friendly features and polished designs / interfaces; 
  • Knowledge of Canadian, US and/or international climate change and sustainability policy, regulations, and programs; 
  • Knowledge of and experience with data monitoring and quality management systems, ideally in an industrial or similar context; 
  • Experience with basic economic analytical techniques such as NPV, IRR, etc.; 
  • Familiarity with GHG, financial, or related auditing principles and methodologies, including relevant international standards for GHG validation and verification; 
  • Experience using and designing databases; 
  • Experience with data visualization software and tools such as Tableau and Power BI;  
  • Ability to communicate in French is considered an asset. 


Please submit your cover letter/resume through the recruitment portal at and complete the associated pre-screening assessment.  The pre-screening assessment examines a candidate’s experience/skills for the role and mitigates any unconscious identity bias during our initial screening process. During this assessment, you should avoid including any identifying information, such as references to gender, geographic location, nationality, and/or age.

If you pass the initial pre-screening assessment, your cover letter/resume will be reviewed by the hiring committee. The most qualified candidates will be invited to participate in an interview process with hiring committee members.  If you have any questions about this process, kindly direct your enquiries to