Financing the 21st Century

Investment, Infrastructure and Innovation

Through candid, high-level discussions, GLOBE Capital explores how to mobilize and accelerate the capital necessary to sustain our communities, transform our infrastructure, and future-proof our economy.

Delegates will discover tools and approaches for capitalizing on the opportunities in the clean economy – how to scale-up clean innovation and deal flow, reduce risk, and move money into the emerging economy.


Discussion topics include:

De-carbonizing and De-risking Infrastructure: Investing in Climate Resilience

Investing in resilient infrastructure is essential if we are to minimize the economic and social risks associated with climate change. With our expert panel we’ll talk both macro – addressing market barriers and how we can scale investments; and micro – the actual costs of recent extreme weather events and costs yet to come. We’ll also address how infrastructure projects and their lifecycles can be de-risked to transform them into investment grade opportunities and the changing role of the insurance industry.

Capitalizing on the Transition

Both carbon-intensive and low-carbon industries play a key role as we transition to a low-carbon future. To better understand the evolving roles of business leaders, the finance community and solutions providers in the transition, we’ll ask:

  • What types of investment, infrastructure and technology are enabling the shift?
  • How is capital being mobilized to spur the transition?
  • Who should be responsible for bearing the cost of risk in the transition?
  • What are the implications for investors and returns?

Investment in a Time of Tumultuous Regulation and Policy: What’s a Responsible Investor/Corporation to Do?

Investors are often stuck between a rock and a hard place – they face increasing financial pressure to invest wisely but recent policy and regulation appears to discourage just that. What is a prudent investor/corporation to do given the dichotomy of pressures they face? With fiduciary responsibilities paramount and in absence of stability in the marketplace, what is the right move? This discussion will address how we look past the political noise and properly evaluate the opportunities of the clean economy.

The Trillion Dollar Clean Energy Opportunity

Following up on our presentation from Michael Liebreich at GLOBE Capital 2017, we will examine the state of clean energy and clean technology markets. Bloomberg NEF will be back to provide their perspective on the scope of the investment opportunity, emerging trends, and the changing nature of risk and opportunity in this market.

Scaling Cleantech

Problem: Many cleantech firms have trouble scaling, including tracking down the right financing once past eligibility for government granting programs. Solution: Putting cleantech and financial institutions into the same room to understand each other’s criteria and requirements, with a view to co-creating mechanisms to direct larger capital deals towards cleantech companies. This session will immediately follow a Chatham House Rules roundtable, and take a few of the key players from the roundtable to discuss findings and results (and their general experiences that fed into the roundtable).

The Power of Partnerships

Accelerating the deployment of the suite of 21st century solutions will require innovative approaches to partnerships, business models, and financing mechanisms. Capital will introduce some of the most compelling examples so we can peel back the required leadership on what’s next, and uncover the solutions.

Additional topics will surround:

  • Financing Sustainable Infrastructure
  • The Canada Infrastructure Bank
  • Canada’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance
  • Investment Opportunities in Agriculture Technology
  • Issuer-Investor Roundtable on Climate Disclosure
  • Identifying Investment Opportunities of the Circular Economy
  • Carbon Pricing in Canada
  • Climate Finance

The program schedule will be available soon.

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