GLOBE Capital:  The Nexus of Financial Markets and Business Strategy for the 21st Century.

Despite committed demand of over $60 Trillion and numerous government and market signals, money is not being invested at the speed or scale required to transition and future-proof our economy. GLOBE Capital is about reaching that inflection point.  Accelerating capital investment and innovation. Scaling up deal flow, and downsizing risk. Unlocking the business opportunity, and most of all, moving money.

Capital markets lack robust analysis for investors to make informed decisions around long-term, low carbon infrastructure plays, hampering the opportunity for rapid scale-up and capital outflow. As a result, capital is not being driven into these assets. There is a critical need to transform our economy but the investment mechanisms to do so are neither clear nor cohesive. What new policy mechanisms can help shape our financial future? What are the challenges facing institutional investors around infrastructure? How is digital technology transforming financial markets and the low carbon infrastructure of tomorrow? Where are the growth markets, and who will lead the pack in building them? Find out at GLOBE Capital: Financing the 21st Century.

Low-Carbon Infrastructure Investment

Learn how Canada’s new Infrastructure Bank could operate to fund current and future low-carbon investment projects. Find out where the risk is, and where the growth markets will be. Come to understand what’s needed to scale up investment in low-carbon infrastructure and transition our economy to be more stable, more resilient, and more efficient.

Senior-Level Summit

GLOBE Capital is an important summit where global, innovative thought leaders and influential officials will gather to explore how to fully realize the enormous economic opportunity ahead.  Seating at GLOBE Capital is limited to 350 participants. Attendance is by invitation-only to ensure adequate representation of important sectors, as well as reserving space for our extraordinary speakers and partners. If you would like a seat at GLOBE Capital, register now as this Summit will reach capacity long before April.

Expected Outcomes

Establish new connections and partnerships with public, private and civil society organizations operating within the Three Pillars of clean growth:

  • 21st Century Infrastructure
  • Finance and Markets
  • Policy and Innovation

Identify specific actions and mechanisms that will:

  • Catalyze sustainable infrastructure investments while capturing value and minimizing risk
  • Rapidly increase the commercialization and scale-up of clean technologies that will create jobs while tackling climate change
  • Transform markets to accelerate the deployment of capital necessary to transform our economy

Convening Power

GLOBE Capital is proudly produced by GLOBE Series. GLOBE Series is best known for its world-renowned international GLOBE Forum Conference and Innovation Exposition held in Vancouver every two years. Since 1990, GLOBE Series has curated some of the world’s largest leadership summits on sustainable business which are designed to educate, empower, and connect leaders in pursuit of a cleaner, more prosperous world.

Our vast networks and exceptional convening power enable us to attract hundreds of companies, thought leaders, clean technology innovators, influential NGOs, financiers, and senior policy-makers from around the world. We’re experts at creating platforms that facilitate new partnerships and shape strategic thinking. Our events foster actions that drive business success while preserving our planet.

GLOBE Capital will draw upon the deep networks, senior-level contacts, and expertise for which the GLOBE Forum has become famous.

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