Thu February 28
09:30 am - 11:30 am


At various levels of government, Canada has a strong track record in funding research and development, and in providing non-dilutive grants to enable the first deployment of clean technologies across sectors. Beyond these critical steps, Canadian cleantech firms encounter gaps in financing the growth of their companies, limiting their ability to capture market share in Canada and abroad. Some mechanisms to access larger financing opportunities exist, but are not enough to address the gap. At the same time, institutional investors, commercial banks and others are investigating ways to channel more capital investment into cleantech.

At GLOBE Capital we aim to develop potential options for flowing larger investments into low- carbon deals. This working session will bring together the spectrum of investors, such as pension funds, commercial banks, family offices, and VC/PE firms, as well as governments and established cleantech companies, to (1) create a common understanding of clean technology financing barriers and gaps, and (2) to co-create possible solutions that participants could potentially pilot.